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New changes in the economy brings a lot of changes to how things are done, however the money transfer happening in 2011 is indeed an interesting one and you may be surprised to know that many people that used to be investors, real estate agents, stock traders, and all kinds of entrepreneurs are going digital; buying and selling websites online for a shocking 300% return on investment.

There have been a lot of people questioning about how to make that first one thousand, and according to site flipping expert, Ryan Moran, it’s really not that hard when your getting lump sums from site sales. In all reality, little websites online can stack up to be a lot of cash when you take the right approach.

In case you failed to notice, it’s no longer a requirement to construct massive websites in order to have huge paydays and cash flooding the bank accounts; sites with even very small revenues (or no revenues) often sell for several hundred dollars and into the low thousands on the open site marketplace which many people are unaware is even happening all the time.

Honestly, even if you do a lot of things wrong, you can often still cash out for a cool grand and a little time invested. In fact, a case study was recently recorded with a man named John for the students of Lump Sum Profits, and in it, he revealed that his ultimate goal was to get his niche sites to make $1 per day, and then sell the website for a $1,000 lump sum, some even for $5,000, and one sold for $7,000. These results are just the beginning too.

Consider this philosophy: the goal is to make $1 a day and then sell them for thousands. Best of all, it’s all done from scratch. Don’t even attempt doing that with real estate because in this downturn it’s not even possible.

These days it’s pretty common that internet marketers and gurus will instruct people to go out and build as many sites as possible. And this usually just leads to fear and frustration setting in. Normally this is not a good idea at all, and worst of all it’s several steps ahead of where most people currently are. However, the ability to sell sites for a few hundred, a thousand, and two thousand bucks a pop is a total game changer for most individuals out there just looking for some extra gas money. But flipping websites can offer you a whole lot more than just that.

The best parts about this is that your websites don’t need to be making any money at all for you to get going now. It’s always a better idea to get sites to make money based on the traffic that’s coming to your websites with advertising revenue or affiliate revenue if at all possible. As soon as your site is making a few bucks a month, it can be sold to put a nice chunk of money in your pocket and pay you month after month after month.

Then, you either invest it into future projects… or do it again. The cycle continues and the rich get richer as in most businesses. The magic though is just in taking action and getting started immediately.

Here are just a few reasons why buying and selling websites is the next big wave of opportunity for you to finally put some cash back in your pocket.

– Websites Have Higher ROI Than Real Estate Investments
Real estate investors settle for measly 5% returns, while websites average 80% – 200%.

– Websites Require Less Maintenance Than Houses
Websites never complain about noisy neighbors, leaky roofs, or broken toilets.

– Websites Require Less Start Up Capital and Risk Than Houses
The down economy has proven that real estate debt can be risky.

– All The Same Real Estate Strategies Apply

Best of all, if you’re into real estate then your in luck. The exact same strategies apply in the online world. Remember, these sites can be bought and sold for profit, just like houses, or they can be held income over a much longer period of time. In addition, websites can be purchased on option, assigned to other investors, and they can appreciate in value. Real estate investors are already familiar with these strategies and this is very applicable skill that incorporates nicely into this business online.

The difference, naturally , is there is much lower risk, your ROI increases into the hundreds of percent, and “digital real estate” investing can be done from the comfort of your home and there truly is no need for a bank or anything of the sort.

Up until recently, all real estate investors have by and large tried to get far away from investing in online real estate websites, but many are discovering this to be quite a nice change to traditional real estate investing. As investors continue to discover that websites provide higher return on investment, require less money to start up, come with lower risk, and are easier to manage and coordinate day to day activities, the market will continue to grow over the next ten years into a new mass market and the virtual real estate world will be yet another goldmine to harvest.