Evony …. experiance another world!!

A mist rises from the dank blood stained earth as the sun dares to peek over the horizon, vast hords of archers swordsmen pikemen scouts and cavalry roam the fields of war looting the dead in order to pay for the next days battle whilst discussing the fight of the night before, they are not down hearted they relish the fight ahead.  Plenty of cities have fallen some to the ground some to barbarian hands and many more will follow they are not morned. they will be rebuilt and marched on again, many stand in awe of they men and women who fight and win many live in fear that they might be next…….

Evony is a free online game filled with straergy and war .. build a city raise an army create an alliance and join the war!!

On joining you may feel a bit overwhelmed until you get the jist of whats going on but once you have a city built and are producing troops you can then begin to loot other cities and attempt to raid npc cities too, its a game of strength and patience at the same time, its not fast paced like a lot of computer games but its very engrossing and can keep you busy for many many many hours, as a woman i did not think that i would like it but i gave it a go, I am currently a vice host of a brilliant alliace based in the land called saxony look me up if you investigate this game… you know you want to !!

Ther are a few basic things to remember when you start to play Evony.. you should make sure that your city is well defended no defences make you very easy prey to other people and you will soon become lunch, always manage your fod situation an army cant march without food to eat … well could you ? and your troops aaahhh i love my troops … plenty of archers they move quickly and are tough ..cavalry  these can provide you with your bread and buter being very fast at moving around the lands and able to carry things too… make many runs at an enemy city (once you have removed thier wall defences) and before you know it there resources become yours ! and scouts are brill they are the fastest moving the y can carry a lot and you can poke around other peoples cities to find out what they have .. a very handy thing to be able to do .. well you wouldnt want to bother trying to raid someone who has nothing worth having (unless its the city itself your after).

Its always good to remember though that the other players are real people too .. chat to them .. if things are tough some of them will gve you a break they might make allies out of you so that you have back up or at least cannot be raided by any of there members …there are great chat facillities in Evony too so why nt take your time have some fun make some friends from all over the world and play out a fantastic stratergy filled war !!!

Im sure by now at least some of you have though hmm id like to se more about this game well come and see us have a go your missing out if you dont… join us at .. Evony.com … its a world all of its own !