Exploring Spain, Tours And Travels Europe- Magnificient Malaga

 Magnificient  Malaga :-

The coastal town of Malaga is one of the  popular destinations   in the tourist map of Spain. A southern port city on the mouth of the great Mediterranean sea Malaga, with its exquisite beaches and cool weather attracts large number of tourists through out the year.

This tourist destination is best known as the birth place of the legendary painter Pablo Picasso who was born in the year of 1895 . As a rich tribute to this world renowned artist his ancestral house is presently housing a museum of his drawings and life and also the office of the Pablo Ruiz Picasso Public Foundation. One goes back to the nostalgic memories of his eventful years as soon as one enters his home turned museum.

The cathedral museum is known for its architectural marvel ha salso a museum attached where religious paintings and manuscripts are the speciality.The Roman theatre and the La Alcazaba are other star attractions in Malaga.

The international Airport of Malaga is one of the busiest in the whole of Europe with more than 9000 flights a year.  Malaga is well connected by air to all the important destinations in the continent. One can either travel by a Bus or could hire a Car though the former is cheap but  involves waiting for long hours sometimes.

 The surroundings of Malaga also offers exciting Holidays. The village of Nerja in Andalusia is known the world over for its 3000 years old caves .Further there are many small towns  like Torremolinos, Benalmadena and Fungiola with famous beaches and conventional life styles,

Marbellaand Estapona are the other two towns not to be missed the former known as the Monaco of Spain  a port known for expensive resorts and restaurants. In between these towns lies the most popular Golf course of Spain.  No wonder Malaga is the queen of the meditarenian.