Extraterrestrial Movie Three: Paul

Paul is a science fiction comedy produced by Simon Pegg and Nick Frost, the talented duo of Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz.

Extraterrestrial Paul crashed his space ship on Earth during 1947. Since then, Paul has been contributing a lot in popular culture and helped developing technology of Earth. Paul has even been advising Mr. Steven Spielberg on the 1981 hit E.T.

Paul spent 60 years on earth as a guest or that was his thought. He helped improving Earth technology and sharing knowledge of his kind.  Paul has abilities to heal other and self healing. He also able to stay invisible and imparting his knowledge to human mind.

After 60 years as “guest” on Earth, he realized he was a prisoner instead of guest. With the project leader portrayed by Sigourney Weaver, she intended to dissect Paul in order to study his abilities to self heal. Hence they need his stem cell. That was when Paul decided to escape and returned to his planet.

He embarked on a journey back home when he was bumping into two science fiction fans from United Kingdom.  The trio began their extraordinary journey with Paul to the meeting place where Paul’s spaceship will pick him up. In the meantime, they were tailed closely by a persistent secret agent on Weaver’s order.

Along their way, they sort of abducted another passenger, the caretaker of their stay Rose by accident and Rose’s father now joined the agents to pursue them.

Paul is a light hearted comedy. Seth Logan’s voice of Paul was hilarious. Paul was an alien who has adapting to human life and had a few nasty human habits. He smoked, he cursed, he danced and he listened to Bob Dylan. Meanwhile he also had his favourite snacks.

The friendship of Paul and his human friends was touching and moving. He also showed remorse, guilt and gratitude toward the little girl who rescued him on his crashed space ship. Upon leaving planet Earth, the picture of their brief friendship brought out another side of extraterrestrial being. Somehow this movie carried a message that extraterrestrial might not be as dangerous as human being. And ironically, Paul shared a lot of things and perhaps shaped the popular culture but in return to his good deeds, human tried to kill him. What a dark morality it is to the complicity of human darkness.