Facebook Experience

Facebook is the nice place to make a lot of good online friends and keep in touch with our old friends, relatives and family members who are living far away from us. I started my facebook at 2006, but not very active in that site. Recently i started my article writing work and active with facebook to promote my articles. Day by day i got a lot of new friend request and extended my friends circle.

I am not an addict of facebook, but every day i check my face book account to get the new updates from my friends as well as sharing my updates and articles with them. There is a lot of pros and cons are going on with this site. By adding a lot of friends we may face some unwanted spamming and scamming messages as well as unwanted chat and tagging activities. 

Everyday i receive a lot of spam messages in fb due to the new friends, simply i delete the message and block the person who sends unwanted spams to me. As well as some persons will post some referral link, promotion messages in my wall. I don’t give more importance to this kind of messages. Frequently i receive chat messages, i will reply only to the useful messages and ignore other things.

My target in facebook is to make more friends to promote my articles and site to get traffic. I am using fb to generate traffic to my site/blogs. I have contacts with some of my old friends, school and college mates via facebook and interested in sending messages and getting their updates. I created fan page to my site to get more visitors and getting enough traffic with it. Facebook is the nice place to promote our business and reach the targeted clients.

Scammers and spammers are common in all social sites. Always i ignore the spammers and like to make friendship with like minded people in facebook to have fun with this social site.

I created a blog and shared some good articles about my facebook experiences. Surely it will be more useful to all facebook users to use this site in a good way. Every facebook user must check this site to know how to use facebook in a well manner and to get traffic from this site. Facebook is having lot of benefits and we can easily promote and advertiser our things using fb. To know more about facebook marketing read out the articles which is placed in my blog Facebook Articles