Facebook game reviews-Facebook Fishville

Ever wished to have your own fish tank but your wife hates them? So what? You now have the change to create and decorate the aquarium of your dreams! Fishville is another great addition from Zynga games that measures already hundreds of daily Facebook users! Want to know their secrets to success? Just keep on reading!

1. Main Goal

Fishville is a simple game yet extremely addictive. Your main goal is to increase your fish population and level up fast earning coins and XP points. Sounds familiar? You are right as Fishville works exactly like Farmville and Café World. All you have to do is to purchase the fish you want, feed them properly and watch them grow! Once they reach at full growth, you can sell them and get rewarded with Fishville coins and XP points.

Additionally, try to gain as many neighbors as possible; to increase level, you must not only win XP points but also have a certain number of neighbors to unlock more tanks, gifts, decorations and more. An effective way to make new friends quickly is to join the various Fishville groups locating them from the search engine.

2. Graphics

Even though it is much simpler than other Zynga games such as Mafia and Café World, Fishville is a great game with exceptional solid graphics that earns more and more users every day. After login into the game, you will be thrilled from the realistic detailed design; colorful surroundings, great decorative items and cartoonish fishes that you will just want to stretch your hand out and touch!

3. Fishes and Tanks

From the earliest levels, you will be able to choose between different fishes you can add to your tank. As you level up, you will unlock more and more types of fish such as Blue Damsels, Sardines, Percula Clownfishes, Angelfishes, Bartlett Anthias and Hawaiian Hogfishes. Their movement is more than realistic especially when it is dinner time; feed your fishes and watch them swim like maniacs to the surface to grab a bite! Thankfully, you cannot kill them if you have accidentally overfed them but you can kill them if you forget to do so! Like other Facebook games, depending on the fish, you will have to log into to feed and keep them healthy. Each fish has a different feeding time ranging from three minutes to two days. That is extremely handy for users who cannot play the game often enabling them to choose fishes with the longest feeding rate. Of course, fishes that need to be fed in longest time periods reward you with more Fishville and XP points. Moreover, you can sell your fish to gain more cash and experience. Each fish has a different mature time meaning that you get more cash if you leave it completely grow up before selling it.

You can acquire more than one fish tanks as you level up. Unfortunately, because Fishville is still in its early developing stages, you can get up to 8 tanks per user. When you first start the game, you can add up to 30 fishes to your tank but as you move on, you will be able to add more than 50 to each tank. Finally, as in real life, you will have to clean your tank in a regular basis just by clicking on the dirty area.

4. Decorative Items

Who said that you only get a tank and some fishes? In Fishville, you can decorate your aquarium in any way you want! Choose between plants like Hammer Corals, Java Ferns and Sun Polyps, decorations such as Beach Balls, Tunnel Logs, Lighthouses, Towers, Toy Divers, Pirate Sculls, Volcanoes and Yellow Subs and create your fantasy fish tank! Moreover, you can even choose the background of your liking but this is a coming soon feature. Just remember that decorations are only for décor and do not increase your cash or XP income.

5. Free Gifts

Your friends are a valuable asset to help you master the game. That is why you have to keep them close; keep them pleased sending them every single day a free gift for their tank! Fishville gives you the option between Plastic Seaweeds, Starfishes, Driftwoods, Sea Snails, Shrubs, Crabs and many more interesting and funny items.

Fishville is a Facebook game that you must definitely try! If you never had the chance to own a fish tank, this is your moment! The gameplay is easy with straightforward buttons offering you hours of fun and relaxation! What are you waiting for? Master the sea world and enjoy!