Fantastic Girls Party Ideas!

If you have a daughter between 7 and 10 years old, who likes all things pink and girlie, give her a birthday party she will never forget – for girls only.

You can call it a Barbie party; a girlie party; a princess party or simply a pink party. You can have this party in your home or yard, and invite between 2 and 15 girls. You will need the help of older siblings, friends and family.

Decorate the party space with pink, purple and white balloons and streamers. When the young ladies arrive give each one a small handbag, which you can buy at the $1 shop, they’ll take these bags around with them to stations that you set up, and from each station they’ll receive a small gift (also from the $1 shop), these gifts and the handbag will then be their “goody bag” which they take home at the end of the party.

The hair station is where they get their hair done up and decorated with bows, ribbons and clips. The girl’s hair is done up ready for a ball. You can even have color spray, and glitter for their hair. Here they get a hair clip as their gift.

At the nail station their nails are painted in their chosen color, and they receive a small bottle of nail polish to add to their goody bag.

For the dress department you need to buy pink, purple and white unwoven material, which means that it can be cut and it won’t fray, you can also use a heavy thick crape paper. The material is cut and tied in any number of ways to create haute couture gowns for the young princesses. The easiest is the toga, or strapless variety, but there is no end to the combinations you can do.

Then they have the make-up station, where they are done-up with make-up and glitter. From here they can receive a lipstick or stickers as a small gift for their bag.

Then there is a station where they are given a cup cake and the frosting and sweets to decorate it. The girls can create their own master piece using different colored frostings/icing. The cup cakes can also be taken home by the girls.

You can take a photo of each of the girls once they are all dressed up, and this can be quickly printed on the computer for them to take home, or brought to them at school the next day.

Through out the party the girls go to all the stations, it doesn’t matter which one they start or finish at. As for the birthday caketry making one of a doll, using a cake shaped as her skirt and the upper body of a real doll

Add as much pink as you can think up and go to town on all the little girly details. It will be a party no one will forget.