FarmVille Animals

FarmVille animals are added all the time. From your typical farm animals like sheep and cows to more exotic animals like elephants and turtles there are three different ways to get FarmVille animals. Many FarmVille farmers feel that animals are not worth the effort. They take up a lot of space and the money you make from them is nothing compared to crops. With some clever tricks you can turn your FarmVille animals into money machines.

The easiest way to get animals is to go to the market and buy some. Buying animals from the market is a waste of money. You can only buy a cow, a sheep or a chicken. The money you make harvesting the animals is next to nothing, and they take up a lot of space you could use for something useful. In short, you should never buy FarmVille animals from the market.

Animals can be given as free gifts. This is the method that can make you some serious money. As with all of the Facebook games from Zynga your profits will skyrocket if you have lots of neighbors. You can use this tip with just one neighbor but to really take off you will want to live in a busy neighborhood.

Many more animals are available to be given as gifts. In addition to a cow and sheep, you can give away a duck, a pig, a rabbit, a goat or a horse. When using animals to make coins always give a horse as a gift. The horse is the animal that pays the best when it is sold. Selling the animals as soon as you receive them is the only way to really make money from them. Harvesting the animals just takes to long and pays too little to be worth it. The space they take up can be used better for crops.

To make the most amount possible from your animals use this cheat that let’s you give as many gifts as you want at the same time. Share this tip with your neighbors and you can all rake in a lot of coins. The unlimited gifts cheat only works if you are using Firefox.

Before you have given any gifts, right click on the ‘gifts’ tab on top of the game and select ‘open link in new tab’. This will open the gift giving screen in a new tab in your browser. Repeat this as many times as you’d like. I have tried the cheat with up to 20 different tabs without problems. Once you have all your tabs with the gift giving page open, go back to every single one and select the gift you want to give. Do this for every single tab without confirming the selection. Once you have done this for every single tab, go back again and confirm on each page, selecting who you want to send the gift to. Again, do not confirm the sending of the gift on this page. Do this in every tab again, and when you go back to your first tab, you should be able to confirm the gift and send it from each of your open tabs. This way you can send unlimited gifts to your friends, or if you’d like to receive unlimited gifts, create an alternate gifting account that can send you an abundance of any animal you want. Horse is best, cow is worst.

The last way to get FarmVille animals is through adopting lost pets from your neighbors. This is the least predictable way of getting more animals. To adopt an animal on of your neighbors must first have on roam onto their farm. If they chose to help the lost pets an adoption message is posted on their Facebook wall. Always stay on the look out for these posts as it is first come first serve. Once the lost pet has been adopted no one else can get it.

To adopt a pet takes some luck and good timing. If you want a unique farm though the effort to adopt will be well worth it. The most exotic animals in FarmVille can only be got by adopting. The animals you might find roaming around FarmVille are brown and pink cows (they give chocolate and strawberry milk), a black sheep, an ugly duckling and finally the newest animal added to FarmVille; a turtle. The ugly duckling will turn into a swan. A swan actually gives a great profit.

There’s no real way to increase the number of animals you’ll be able to adopt. The only thing you can do to tilt the odds in your favor is to make sure you have as many FarmVille neighbors as possible. You also have to be quick on the draw, the adopted animals are popular and are usually snatched up pretty quick.

If you want to add lots of new neighbors you can go to the FarmVille discussion board on the Facebook page for the game. The forums are full of people looking for more neighbors.

A brand new addition to the game is the dairy farm. You can now buy a building that holds up to 20 cows that can be harvested at the same time. While this certainly makes cow herding more profitable the returns are still too slim to justify the purchase. If the rumors about a horse stable are true though, that might be a different story.