FarmVille Cheats

So what is the best FarmVille Cheat.  There are a few FarmVille Cheats out there, but I thought I give you what I think is the best FarmVille Cheat .  I like it because you don’t have to download any software and it’s fairly easy.  To build up the best farm it takes money, as well as, gaining experience level points.  As you know this can take a long time and effort in order to help you advance.  Now I’m not advocating that in life you should take short cuts, but let’s face it, this is after just a video game.  To put your karma at easy you can use this cheat to help your friends and family as well.  No one likes to have low morals all on their own, so lets all join in and learn the best FarmVill Cheat.      

As I mentioned there are a few cheats and tricks out there.  They will help when you want to get to a higher level quick, earn more money, buy better decorations.  The cheat I think is the best FarmVille Cheat helps get better gifts and also helps friends out by sending them many gifts on the same day.  It will get you free coins by sending multiple gifts from one Facebook account.  To use this trick to get more coins fast you need to use FireFox instead of Internet Explorer.  Go onto Facebook and go to Farmville, then choose “Free Gifts.  Do not select and send the item right away!  Instead right click on the button that says “Free Gift” and then select “Open in new window”.  You can do this until several windows are opened.  I’ve done it and had about 10 windows open at the same time, but I’ve heard some have opened more.  On each separate window, you can select gifts and you can give a different gift on each browser.  After that you select your friends on FarmVille.  Again you will be able to select different users in each of the browsers to send gifts.  Go to the window to confirm in order to send free gifts to your friends.  One by one you can click confirm and send and every window will send out a gift.  Confirmation is done once all of the opened windows are at the confirm to send option.  Using this method you can have your friends send you unlimited gifts.  I don’t recommend this way but you can go a step further and open another Facebook account and send yourself gifts.  Now that you have a abundance of gifts you can sell them and get free coins.  

There are lots of opinions on what to do from there, but I’ll leave the rest up to up.  There is lots of strategy and planning that can still be utilized even after you have bent the rules here a little.  This is another reason I like this cheat.  It doesn’t ruin the game like some cheats out there, it just gives you and your friends more gifts and some more spending money.  Who couldn’t use that?