Fast Food and is it at Fault or Are You?

I have been struggling with weight problems since 1999. So i do know and understand what its like to be overweight. But even with myself being a heavy set woman i find myself wanting to slap myself in the forehead at what people order. It just makes no sense to me.

Here is a little more back ground for you all. I work at McDonalds near my house. Working there has opened my eyes very wide and even aused me to cut down on what i order when i go for take out for my family. So now you can see i have two was of viewing the situation. One as a fast food worker and another as a fat person.

Now I will add that as i stated aove i am also a mom. So i guess rest of this article will contain views from all three. Be warned though you may not like everything i have to say.

They say diet and excersise is all we need to lose weight. But while at work i see this all the time. The most biggest burger’s are always being sold and not just one but two or three at a time. Now yes it could be a famly meal. But what i want to refer to is something i saw in our lobby one day. This guy ordered ten MDoubles. Yes ten of them and him and his buddy sat down to eat them. They both got a diet coke But honestly if your gonna eat five burger’s, a Large fry and a diet coke….why not drink just aregular coke i mean the diet part is bown out by the fact you ate five double cheese burgers.

Another thing that blows my mind is the person that gets nothing but junk food and tosses in a salad. Ook yes they coud be saving it for a family or later. But still it makes me wonder. There was a lady one day that ot herself and her daughter/granddaughter a sundae. Nothing wrong there. But i went on my break and watched a the child got back up ad ordered cookies and more ice cream. At first i was like aww she must be taking it home for some one. But nope she sat back down and ate it all.

Now as a parent sometimes its had to say no when they want something. For me i splurg only twice a month on sweets for them. Feel healthy snacks are better for them and me in the long run. But i have never gotten a child that many sweets all at once. Nor would i ever.

So with these few ncidents in my mind i went to read the paper only to see someone was sueing a fast food place cause it made them fat. Like i stated before i am over weight and i love food. But i know in order to lose weight i must watch what i eat and only choose things that i know are good for me. Even started taking my own small meals to work for when i work more than five hours.

So i read the whole article and began to laugh. Why did i thinkwas so funny? Because people want to blame fast food for their weight troubles and not themselves. Its like anymore its pass the blame game. Something you would hear out of a kids mouth not a adults.

Seems preety supid to say its fast foods fault when everyoi know, knows that eatting toomuch fast food will make you gain weight. I never thought it was a hidden secret. Also for our courts to allow them to sue on that basis to me is sad. If someone came up to me and said McDonalds made them fat i would have to then turn around and ask them. So someone from McDonalds ame to your house and held a gun to your head and forced you to go buy their food? Then they forced the food in your mouth and made you swallow it?

I doubt at would ever happen. I mean who can sell a product if they are goin from house to house and shoving food dn peoples throats? Duh look at what you are ordering. No idea on the calories then ask if they have something on it. Or even look it up online. Also think about the name Fast Food name says it all and makes you think about a greasy burger loaded with toppings and a nice cold drink to wash it down.

So is it Fast Foods fault or one that shoulbe firmly placed on our selves.If we see ourselves or our kids gaining too much help then we should as adults think about what we are eatting. Judge if what we are choosing is really a good idea. Also making sure you and your family are getting plenty of exercise is also something you have to keep in mind. By doing so you are helping to make america something it once was. A place where parents thought about the food they where going to place  front of their kids.

Well I am off for now. Its time for my after dinner walk. Thank you for reading this if you made it this far.