Fear of Public Speaking – Learn to Master Public Speaking

When do we call a person a master? Master is a status or rank wherein capabilities and knowledge are measured and then shared to individuals who also want to elevate their rank. He is identified to be passionate in his field and don’t fail to shine among the professionals who surround him. So, if someone wants to be a master of something, then he should be an expert and skilled to a certain field and at the same time, he’s being an expert communicator. Now, what is one major essential way to communicate? That is to speak. And to be able to speak, there should be someone who listens to you. In that way, communication between you, the speaker, and the listener is processing. But, can you call it an effective communication if your listener doesn’t understand what you’re talking about? Well, that we can call null communication. The main purpose of your talk is to give information that is understandable to the listener. And that information or message should be beneficial and something interesting for the listener.

A good speaker is someone who gives sympathy to each of his listeners. He is focused and he got the attention of his audience. So to speak a good or effective speaker is confident and is so apparent to all the things he says. He manages to motivate, encourage or discourage his audience about a certain thing. In contrast, a poor speaker would be more likely someone who is reading a story without intonation and proper pauses. Now, what could be the reasons of poor public speaking? One major reason is the fear of public speaking. Even an intelligent person who’s not used into public speaking might not be noticed in his first time. But as he undergoes training, he can freely and confidently say all the things he needs to say. Effective public speaking is one way to directly communicate with other people. And with several public speaking seminars and training, s speaker could be an expert until he can be called a master. Overcoming fear of public speaking is the first step a speaker should learn to master public speaking. One symptoms of a speaker with fear of public speaking is when he gets heart shifts and hard breathing. He might also have doubts and there are self barriers that would prevent him in being an effective communicator. Building good communication is also a skill that is why a speaker should know how to communicate with all the audience.

A speaker could easily leave behind his fear of public speaking if only he focuses on the reason or his purpose. The purpose of public speaking is to give productive words to the listeners that would benefit from his talking. And he aims to motivate, encourage and persuade the audience to believe in him and the words he says. After a public speaking which could be seminar or training, the speaker and the listeners should both benefit. That event will give an effect or impact on their life or in the decision they do especially if the speaker applied the effective public speaking techniques. But what mostly happen is they also start to build relationship with each other as they share and learn more things. It can also be compared to master and student scenery. When a student mastered the things he’s been taught, it will be a proof of his master’s excellence. His master would have more students but the wonderful thing is he could also have his own students now. And he and his master will continue to share, teach and grow.