fear on pimples, let reduce it.

pimples is the most problems faced by the ladies and gentle man. the pimples is formed by various reasons like ageing, polutions and more.. for ageing you must consult your doctor. 

for polution, i will give a small tips. when you are explosed to outdoor, each and every dust deposite in your skin surface. these dust will fill the pores on the face which is outlet of sweating gland. as these pores are filled by dust the sweats are not able to come outsides. these sweats are trapped in the pores, as times goes on these will solidifies and appear as pimples. 

when you pick these pimples it will come out as a tiny stoney white ball with a poined tip at one end. these are the pimples caused by the dust pollutions. 

to reduce the pimples wash your face daily for every 3 – 4 hours. when you are continously explosed to pollution like the smoke of vechicles in traffic wash ur face immediately because these smokes contain carbonated particles which will darkens your colour. 

the long gap in our daily life routine is the sleep hours. so i suggest you to wash ur face with soap before going to bed, because during the sleeping hours our face requires the deep breathing of skins, so that your face will glow day to day when you wake up. 

try this for continous one weak and feel the difference, for your satisfication take the photograph of your face at todays night and continue face wash for every 4 hous during work and soap wash at night before going to bed, practice it for continuous 7 days and take one more photograph of your face and feel the difference…

my suggesion is that don’t forgot your practice of washing your face regularly, these are the good habits that should be utilized by us to keep our beauty what the god given to us very safe..