Feeding Corn Snakes – To Feed Or Not to Feed

So that you finally have your corn snake home with you, do you know what kinds of food they need and want? Do you know how to feed your snake right? What types of food you should provide for them to grow healthy and live long? This article about feeding your snake will surely teach readers a lot about how to feed their snakes right. This is a very helpful article.

When feeding corn snake, it is better to feed your pet snake some freeze or thawed mice and rodents. It has been tested and proven that dead mice and rodents are safer for your snake to eat. Live mice and rodents especially if the mice or rodents are bigger than your corn snake will be risky for your snake. Bigger mice and rodents might bite your snake and snake will have no defense against it. So if you want to feed your snake, make sure that the mice and rodents are already dead and then freeze it and thawed it when it is time for your snake’s meals.

Another thing about feeding snake, you should never handle your snakes right after you fed them because this may only lead to regurgitation. Leave them alone for at least 48 hours after feeding your corn snakes. Also see to it that your snake’s cage has a proper temperature to help the food inside them to digest well. Remember that the two common factors that could affect your snakes to lose its appetite are stress and improper caging. It is also not necessary to give your snakes some powdered vitamins and minerals. These are just supplements that most of the time does not really have the right amount of vitamins your corn snake needs.

When feeding your snake, you also must provide clean and fresh water everyday on a shallow water dish place on their tank. This water will use as for drinking and for bathing. Just on case your corn snake defecates on it, immediately throw the filthy water and replace it with new clean one. You must also provide them some pine chips; never give your corn snakes cedar chips because these will certainly harm your corn snakes. By feeding snake right, you will be sure that its going to live long and will have a healthy life with you.

What you feed your snake will surely reflect on their health and how fast they will grow. Another thing to consider when feeding snake is that you must also provide your snake a proper hiding place and even tree limb wherein it can hide, burrow and climb in. Improper tree limb and hiding place will surely stress your corn snake and this will lead it to refuse from eating its meals. By providing your snake all these guidelines regarding feeding snake, your corn snake will be healthy