Filipinos Are World Class: See Why.

It all started with the Philippines’ paradise-like location. People from different culture visit our country and eventually fall in love with it. Then, they decide to stay here for good. What happens next? They spot a lovely Filipina. Because that Filipina is accommodating and caring in nature, this friendly visitor finally decides to marry her. What will happen next? Check this out.

The saying goes, history repeats itself, what was the reason why Magellan landed in the Philippines? In Magellan’s quest for the Moluccas island to look for spices, he spotted the Philippines. Realizing the richness in our human resources and the beauty Philippines behold, he fought just conquer it. For this reason, series of conquest happened throughout history.

As a result, Philippines has a become a country of mixed culture, so rich that every Filipino should be proud of. Now, you shouldn’t be surprised to see if to your left is a Filipina with Chinese attributes, to your right is a Filipina-Japanese descendant. Their beauty continues to captivate the whole world.

Another surprising fact is their God-given talent whom we can guarantee that they’ll surely create a name not just here in the Philippines but throughout the world. There are a lot of them in fact. We have the late Corazon “Cory” Aquino, of a Chinese descendant, created a name in the Philippine history. A woman of simplicity, a simple homemaker ended up as the first woman president of the Philippines.

The assassination of his husband, the late Benigno “Ninoy” Aquino, and the pursuit of the Filipino nation to achieve democracy, she took the courage and faced the challenge of becoming not just the mother of her own family but the mother of all Filipinos who had longed to free themselves from the hands of their dictator Ferdinand Marcos.

Yes, Corazon “Cory”Aquino was a strong woman, but she lost her battle with cancer. At the age of 76, last August 1, 2009, she finally reunited with her late husband Ninoy Aquino.

There are a lot more Filipino women, descendants of mixed culture, who have excelled globally. If you can name a few that would be nice- greatly appreciated. Thus, we can make the theory even stronger.

That, we Filipinos have the charisma. While it’s a given fact that our country’s geographical location is indeed a paradise, Filipino women are also worth loving and worth dying for. That, when two great genes of different culture is combined, the offspring is one of a kind.