Find The Most Common Google Searches to Get Infinite Views

There are a few great methods of using the Google Search Engine to your advantage. Use all of them to master the Google Search Engine.

1. Sometimes, we run into situations where we are just curious about something so we search Google for it. These are the things that will bring in the long-term views from the Google Search Engine. 

If you are curious about something, odds are someone else is also. Use this to your advantage; don’t pass up the opportunity for views. Once you have researched that topic and become an expert on it, craft an article to dominate the Google Search Engine for that query, and you will get views every time someone is curious about that topic.

2. When breaking news happen, people will search it on Google. If you learn about breaking news as soon as it comes on the TV, write an article about it ASAP. This will ensure that you are on the top of the Google Search Engine when people start searching, and they will view your article.

3. Use the tools Google has provided. is the link to the Google page which shows you what searches are most popular at the moment. Write articles pertaining to an exact search term that you find there.



2. If you know nothing about a topic or think it is stupid, don’t write about it. The Google Search Engine can somehow search for whether your article is good quality or not.

3. Use the targeted Google Search query multiple times in your article to get a top rating in the Google Search Engine.