Finding Mister Right….

Well not a happy well adjusted person, and not a very successful single woman, being in my late forties, and carrying a lot baggage may have something to do with it.
Saying that, my Mom often tells me finding Mister Right is a matter of emotional readiness, and you’re not ready, she also throws in a good man is hard to find, so take your time.
The older I get, the more settled in my life I become, and a little pickier about the men that I would date.  Not wanting to judge men, but getting the bad ones out of the basket comes first.
My latest date, took me out to eat, yes very hungry  eating my food while he moved his around on his plate, after he asked if we should go somewhere and walk so I could walk all that food off I just ate. Seriously!  When he called me again, telling him to take a hike, he was the one that needed to walk.
Another man I accepted a date with was very clingy from the get go, recently divorced and one daughter who lived with his ex.  He was a hugger, and a little touchier than was comfortable for me.  He left notes on my car, waited for me to get off work, stocker material, talked about getting married and we hadn’t even went on our second date yet.  Not against affection in any way but he was not the hugger and touches I wanted in my life.
The mothball man, was a man who asked me out through the drive thru where I work, accepted the date, and we decided to meet somewhere for dinner.  The only place I had seen him was the drive thru, he car wasn’t new but it was clean, he seemed shy, quite interesting to me.  We arrived at the restaurant together, and at first thinking it was someone else, but it wasn’t he reeked of mothballs, this reminded me of my grand-ma’s house when I was a child and it didn’t bring back good thoughts.  Trying to stick it out and being repelled by the odor of mothballs was overwhelming.  Do you live with your mother I asked him?  He said yes I do how did you know that?
At work the next day, one of my co-workers told me to quit shitting where I eat, meaning quit dating people that I meet there.  Seriously if I didn’t meet them at work where was I going to meet them, I work all the time.
The thinking he is the one took over when I met Mister Holier than thou.  Physically attracted to him, I decided to do the asking out this time, he accepted, we spend time together; he was a single father raising a teenage daughter, the same age as mine.  We didn’t really go out to eat, we spent time at his house, he lived a very simple life, basic things in his house and no TV is something that I noticed right away.  We enjoyed each other’s company, and having long talks about the past, he listened.  The relationship stepped up to intimacy, it wasn’t grand, didn’t see fireworks, but I did see him jump up and down to his knees and pray for forgiveness for sinning…Oh Wow, you think you know someone, but you don’t.
The married man, no I didn’t sleep with him, just went to dinner, but he assured me he wasn’t married.  And who should appear is the wife; he had taken me to their favorite restaurant, OMG Men…
The older more settled in his life, was really a nice guy then I visited his apartment, to find plastic covered everything, and he kept his deceased wife’s stuff.  Couldn’t take this road either, rather be alone, than with someone else’s memories right now, having enough of my own.
Choosing an intimate partner is a task, finding someone that tugs on your heart, fulfills your desires, but the new list has important qualities that have to be met first.
Although there is nothing better than a steamy relationship, but slowing down now and keeping a clear head.  Going to take mom advice now…