Finding Your Own Sense of Style… even if it hurts!

1. We all have colors that seem to work for us. Not sure which colors suit you? You might want to take note every time someone compliments you on a particular outfit. Chances are very good that it is the color that you are wearing. Now make a list and keep those colors on a piece of paper tucked into your wallet.

2. Here is a very easy mistake to make. You have a particular area of the body that you don’t like and as a result, you choose fashion items that are roomy so that the area isn’t so easily noticed. That is a big mistake. It makes you look larger than you actually are. I don’t seem to have a waistline that I think is small enough and was always looking for a way to hide it, until my daughter told me that I needed to go down a few sizes instead of up! Suddenly my waistline looked more defined. Never thought that would happen.

3. Take someone with you shopping… a daughter will tell you if it works or not. You have no idea how brutally honest a child can be lol…

4. Listen to your own voice. If you don’t like mile high heels.. it’s not one elses choice but your own. Me… I could live in flip flops. Pulling on a pair of boots is almost claustrophobic! I will save those mile high heels for occasions when I will be doing a lot of sitting. 😉

5. Pay attention to trends, but be sure that you can use the item more than just one year. Scarves give you ton of mileage.

That should get you started… oh, and here is another one. Pick one item off the rack that you don’t think you will like. It all started as a joke until I began to notice that more often than not… the piece worked! Don’t ask me what the logic is in that… haven’t a clue!

Go out and have fun!