Flamazine (Silver Sulfadiazine) Cream

Flamazine (silver sulfadiazine) Cream

silver sulfadiazine is an active ingredient found in Flamazine cream used for the treatment of second degree burn and third degree burn. Many over the counter medication claim to treat burn effectively but when used we find that seldom these creams work but Flamazine cream is really good.

My nephew dipped his hand in boiling water accidently and he got a very bad burn. We rushed him to a nearby pharmacy for first aid treatment and the pharmacist applied Flamazine (silver sulfadiazine) Cream. my nephew was writhing in pain but after about 15 minutes of applyng Flamazine Cream ,he sort of calmed down. The pain wasn’t gone but the use of Flamazine (silver sulfadiazine) Cream kind of eased it off. Flamazine Cream has an instant soothing effect on the burn patches and that is something very good about using the over the counter medication. We thought of taking him to the hospital after the initial treatment but the pharmacist assured us that using Flamazine Cream for 4-5 days will heal the wound .

So we paid for Flamazine Cream and came back home and use Flamazine Cream as adviced and in just a weeks time the burn patches were healed but it left an ugly burn mark which didn’t look very good and though we used many other creams for treatment of burn burn it still is there on his hands. Yes Flamazine (silver sulfadiazine) Cream is good for quick relief from second and third degree burn but it isn’t effecient for treating burn scars and you will have to use some other burn scar product to get rid of them eeffectively. Don’t neglact the burn scars for too long as after few months it will be hard for the burn scars to be erased.


Flamazine (silver sulfadiazine) Cream side effects

In general there has been no issues of side effects of Flamazine vream but patients have reported allergic symptoms after the use of Flamazine (silver sulfadiazine) Cream. Allergic sypmtoms include skin rashes, constant itching and skin necrusis.

Excess use of Flamazine Cream may result in internal absorbtion with staining of the skin.



glucose -6- phosphate dehydrogenase deficiency (favism) patients shouldn’t use the over the counter product or should consult a doctor before using it.

Patients with hepatic issues and renal problems should use it with caution.

Flamazine (silver sulfadiazine) Cream should be used in nursing women with care and precaution.