FlashForward, Episode 3 – 137 Sekunden

Did you miss the first two episodes of FlashForward? If you did, read a FlashForward: ABC’s new series is intriguing and FlashForward: A Review of Episode 2 – White to Play to catch up.The story in FlashForward progresses as more is revealed and a surprise lurks around every corner.

The episode three of FlashForward begins with Officer Demetri Noh having his fears confirmed. A woman calls him to reveal she was reading an intelligence briefing and saw the exact date of his murder in her flash forward. She hopes that by telling him what she knows that he could try to stop his murder from occurring.

Rudolph Geyer – an elderly German prisoner will become a piece of the puzzle. Geyer insists he knows why the blackouts lasted for exactly 137 seconds. Mark wants to go to Germany to talk with Geyer.More indecipherable pieces are being found, but nothing makes sense and only leads to more questions.

Who is D. Gibbons? Charlie told her father, Mark Benford last week that D. Gibbons is a very bad man – yet another clue.

Demetri and his fiancee Zoe are reunited and she wants to talk about what she saw in her flash forward but he avoids the subject. She later tells him that she saw their wedding on a beach – on April 29. She saw him there and he is confused but doesn’t share his vision – or lack of – with her. She wants to go ahead and plan for a D-Day wedding on the date she saw.

Aaron Stark believes his daughter is alive – somewhere in Afghanistan. He tells his ex-wife about his vision and wants her to sign an affidavit to exhume her remains. She is livid and refuses. Aaron goes to his friend with the FBI – Mark – to get the exhumation done.

In Germany, the FBI is interested in Herr Geyer and what he has to say. Geyer knows Mark’s name – he knew him from his vision. Geyer – a former Nazi – wishes to return to America and have all charges against him dropped in exchange for the information he knows.

Geyer begins to relate the blackout event to Kabalah but the FBI is not convinced. Geyer goes on to say he has more information that will buy his freedom. Another name is brought to light – Jerome Murphy, a customs agent.

What does it mean? Just another piece that has nowhere to fit – yet.

Olivia is still struggling with her vision – her with another man. She has now met him in real life.

Demetri tracks down Jerome Murphy to corroborate Geyer’s flash forward. Murphy saw himself with Geyer at an airport. Benford is willing to take a leap of faith that Geyer’s information is accurate – and important. Due to the confirmation of Murphy’s vision, Geyer gets his wish – a guarantee of freedom and he begins talking. When he awoke he saw the world outside of his prison cell burning and dead and dying crows all over the ground. Does the death of the crows mean anything that is useful?

Geyer’s information is not as useful as Benford expected and it appears as though Geyer has played them falsely to gain his freedom.

Aaron is defeated – the exhumation proved that his daughter’s body was in her grave.

Benford looks into the crow theory and discovers that during the blackout – crows died all over the world. What does it mean? Perhaps Geyer gave a more important clue than anyone realized.

Ethical quandaries arise – if you have the opportunity to change another person’s future for the better or the worse and know it – should you do it? Should people allow what they expect to happen in the future dictate their actions today?

While this episode of FlashForward seemed a bit slower at first with less drama, it ended on an eery and compelling scene: A young boy watches crows fly over and fall from the sky onto the desert floor.