Flea Market Vender: The Set Up

      I have been doing Flea Markets for a few weeks. Early in the morning I get there and set up my table. I get to watch other people set up. It amazes me what people go through to set up their space. The more stuff you have the better and harder to set up.

       There is good money in this. Some people can set up once in a while and make over $600 in one day. Some people set up and barely make anything. The more you have and the more you set up the better.

        I started talking to the other vendors and asking questions. I have learned a lot about the Flea Market. The questions you want to ask is:

1. When are the best days to set up?

2. Where are the best places to set up?

3. Where they set up?

4. How well they do at these places?

         In my quest for answers I got them. Some people you will find don’t want to tell you and others are more then willing to tell you everything you need to know. Finding friends at the Flea Market is easy. If you go alone and need to go to the bathroom they can watch your stuff for you and you theirs. Be careful doing this as there are people who will take some of your stuff. If you have a bad feeling about that person find someone else.