Flower Essences – Using Them at Home

Using Flower Essences In The Home
In our modern lives we can suffer from stress and its effects more than anything else. Flower essences are a storehouse of natural healing, so try these easy ways to enable everyone to share in their benefits.

– Spray essences around the home; if chosen correctly, they can change the mood. Add essential oils and enjoy the lovely aromas.

– When washing clothes and bed linen, put some flower essence in the final rinse or add to a capful of fabric softener.

– It can be difficult to remember to give essences to children — particularly during busy holiday periods, so put 4 drops of each chosen stock into a bottle of fruit squash, a carton of fruit juice or milk.

– If you are moving into a new home, add a combination of protection essences to the cleaning water to clear any residual energies from the previous owners. You could even consider adding them to the paint if you need to redecorate.

– Most people enjoy burning oils in an oil burner. When doing so, try adding some flower essences to the essential oil, so everyone will receive the benefits as the scents and healing energies permeate the house.

– Essences are great in the bath. Add them to the bath oil or the children’s bubble bath.

– Adding essences to the wax during candle making has been shown to work extremely well.

– Add flower essences to your face creams or body lotions, as this will greatly support your regular cleansing and moisturizing beauty routines.

– Crab Apple essence with Pine essence and Pansy essence in a cream base is said to be excellent for skin complaints.

– Add essences to sun cream. The Australian Mulla Mulla essence is a specific for this. Otherwise, add Emergency Essence. It will help guard the family against the effects of sunburn.

General dosage instructions

– Add 2 drops of each essence stock to small quantities: about 30ml liquid, oil, or lotion, or 25g cream.

– Add 4 drops of each chosen stock to larger quantities: 50ml, 50g or more.

– If you are using essence from a dosage bottle formula, a minimum of 12 drops is recommended.