For Sea Ray, Nokia Approach App Developer

Nokia had become the king of mobile phone sales in the market several years ago. However, Nokia and then seized the throne of Apple’s success with its iPhone product. Not only that, Nokia even overtaken Samsung, after successfully with a number of Android-based smartphone.

As if to reclaim the throne that once mastered, Nokia is now preparing to launch new high-end smartphones. But there is still one major obstacle Nokia: the lack of applications that can support the newest smartphone. Therefore Nokia also intends holding a number of enterprise application developers to create applications on the platform smartphones.

Nokia also persuaded a number of application developers with a variety of ways. Among other things, provide incentives in the pre-installed applications on Nokia’s latest smartphone, the promotion of vigorous-gencaran, and funding application development.

A spokesman for Nokia said the Finnish company is offering some incentives, among which is a collaboration with Microsoft, including assistance in the coding (encoding) and marketing.

“We will not announce the agreements, it is part of a separate and distinct,” said Nokia spokesman. Microsoft itself has not commented about this.

Nokia is reportedly preparing smartphone code-named: Sea Ray. Currently, the Sea Ray is still in a series of pilot phase, and will be Nokia’s first mobile phone that uses the Windows operating system Phone 7. Sea Ray is expected to be released in the coming months.

Sea Ray peek as to what, at this link.

Last year, Microsoft is rumored to make an offer to a number of application developers to create Phone app on the Windows platform. However, many are rejected on the grounds did not want to waste time making the app on a platform that will not be popular. The people involved in the effort to close the Nokia application developers also seem to have the same problem.

A veteran in the development of applications, Ken Sun, said, when he was still working on eBay Microsoft had offered his team developed an application in Windows Phone. Sun is now a Product Manager for the company’s financial software Mint, not willing to explain the current talks with Microsoft.

But, according to the Sun, the developer of the first application rejected Microsoft’s offer and is in talks with Nokia, may be currently considering a double advantage. They could benefit from Nokia and Microsoft.

Meanwhile, Todd Moore, who makes an application White Noise (sleeping companion voice applications), said the applications made for Windows Phone years ago does not work very well, compared with other platforms, such as IOS or Android. The application was also considered a failure on the market.

“It was a bad experience,” said Moore. “Everything is just chaos.”

In the face of the dominance of Google’s Android and Apple’s IOS, Windows Phone is continue to find a way. One is to hook the Nokia, which is still the world’s largest mobile phone maker.

On the other hand, Nokia is also having problems selling. This causes Nokia have to lay off about 7,000 workers last April, also plans to layoff another 3200 employees. Because it’s Windows Phone is expected to be a solution to the problem of financial Nokia.

“We feel that the Windows Phone had a great opportunity to become a long-term differentiation,” said Nokia CEO Stephen Elop. But anyway, Nokia still hopes “Phone Windows ecosystem can grow”.

Risks were taken Nokia, by draining the contents of his wallet to get close to application developers. Successful? Let’s wait until the Sea Ray was launched.