Four Designing Improvements That Can Help Your Blog

            Almost everyone has a blog. Don’t let your blog be outshined by a flood of sponsor ads, poor layouts, or other blogs. You have interesting posts. Let people see them! Much like a home or an office, a blog reflects who you are. A messy house or office reflects a messy person. Same goes for a messy blog. Not everyone can see the inside of your home or office, but your blog is posted on the internet for the whole world to see. Now, this is not to say that your blog should be extremely minimalist, stripping it of all creativity. Let your personality shine though while still supplying information to the masses. This may be easier said than done, but these few pointers should help your blog achieve the recognition it deserves!

Header: Personalize it!

                A header is what a reader sees right when the site loads. It is very important that your header reflects what the blog or blogger is all about. A good header gives the reader a visual image of what the rest of the blog will be like. They  will then decide if they want to keep browsing your blog or not. Much like a home or office, if your reception area is cluttered, people are going to think the rest of your home is just as cluttered. This idea  also applies to blogs. If you don’t think your design skills are up to par, don’t be afraid to hire someone to do it for you. Many professional artists online are available to provide their services to you for a fairly good price. Search around for one that you think fits your blog.

Let your personality dominate

                If you’ve got a certain style, don’t be afraid to show it. A blog is a really big representation of yourself. You wouldn’t want your blog to represent something you are not, correct? If you are new to the blogging world, try a premade template. However, a  premade template may not always fit your needs and styles. Find inspiration from other blogs. When you are more familiar with your blog,  tweak it to the way you’d like your blog to look. You can always change the colors and sizes of the fonts and move the widgets around. Getting it right the first time will save you a lot of trouble later.

Don’t forget pictures

                A picture frame with no pictures is awfully bland. Inserting a picture is no harder than writing the blog post itself. Pictures make break down any text heavy blog posts and make it easier on the eyes. It also makes it easier to picture what the blogger is trying to convey in the posts. This doesn’t mean insert a picture after every sentence! A one picture minimum is good enough for a short blog post. Eventually you’ll get into a groove of where you should be inserting images. Use appropriate images that are connected to the text!

Navigating your blog

                Another important element is having a fresh and aesthetically pleasing blog layout. Just having beautiful images and noteworthy text is no longer good enough. Much like having a house full of beautiful, expensive furniture. It all means nothing if you have it laying around all over the place. We need to make sure the beautiful mahogany table should be next to its matching chair set. Or how about this: walking though an office space, but all the cubicles are arranged like a maze and takes forever to get to your desk. The same idea applies to blogs. Make sure that links/widgets such as “about me”, comment box, and blog archive is easily found. People will then spend more time going through your posts because they want to, not because they have to. Take a moment to navigate though your own blog from a different point of view. Do you find it hard to find certain buttons?

                Having a blog is a fun hobby. Designing  it shouldn’t be a chore. Express your creativity and show people what you can do. Spend just a little time tweaking your blog whenever you get sick of your layout. When you put more effort into your blog, other people will take notice and appreciate your work.