Four Spanish Restaurants in Dallas, Texas

The following are some of the top Spanish restaurants in Dallas and even though there are not that many there are a few to choose from and the following are four of them:

The first one is called “Veracruz Café” which is located at 408 North Bishop right in the Bishop Arts District, and some of their best items are from their salads such as the cactus salad of the dessert which has baby greens, cactus, corn, tomato and mango for $8.50, or the Pedro’s Ostiones Almendrados which are six almond crusted oysters for $7.95.

Another one is called “Café Madrid” which is a restaurant that reflects a lot of different dishes directly from Spain since the owner seems to take a lot of trips back and forth from there to bring the original quality of the foods. The restaurant is located at 4501 Travis Street and they offer a very upbeat atmosphere with live Spanish guitar entertainment and as far as their best tapas is the chorizo in a garlic and wine sauce for $4.25 or the marinated grilled quail for $4.95 and the fried smelt fish for $3.80 and a must try dessert is Salvador Dali plate for $8.50.

A third Spanish restaurant is called “Bolsa” and it is located at 614 West Davis Street and it is in a former garage and yet the surrounding has not changed that much with big doors and windows. The best items on their menu are the seared sea scallops for $23 and their braised short ribs for $24 and for their dessert do not miss the white chocolate rum tart for $6. Bolsa also has a great wine and cocktail selection such as the black and blue mojito, or the pear martini for $6, or the Santa Carolina wine from Chile for $7 a glass.

Another good one is called “Sangria Tapas Y Bar” located at 4524 Cole Ave and it has a very laid back and friendly atmosphere which is great for a night out with friends. Their sangrias taste great and you can get the traditional red one with apples and pears or the white one with brandy, white wine and grapes for $4.95 per glass. While for their food the best tapas are the Spanish cocas which are crisp flat breads from Mallorca with anchovies, caramelized onions, olives, peppers and Manchego cheese for $5.95 and the shrimp empanada which are filled with spinach, raisins, pine nuts and a spicy yogurt dressing  for $7.95.