Four to Six Months of Your Babe

On this months you’ll see your babe develop a actual personality. Altho they are not toys for this age group demands and loves people more than anything else. After waking up your baby everything you do & talk to every sound it makes to lease, to smile and react to facial expressions. No need for valuable toys. Toys such as rattlings, colorful image books or other common object, safe, stimulates the senses on colours, textures, sounds and smells as well. Postcards and old photographs of the position or mirror glass of a child who did not get too close, so you can see and smile to himself. A rattling in your hand you can chartered for a long period of time. While every baby may develop differently, below are some basic mileposts your babe may reach in this age bracket


Your child gastrointestinal system is not able to absorb and digest solid food until you have at the least 3 months, then feed with breast milk or formula until then. If the baby is growing about 6 months old, no longer on the bottle and breast will not be satisfied, and may soon be hungry after the shooting. For 4-5 months can slowly begin entering solid foods.

As the introduction of solid foods

To start with a tablespoon or two of food. Growth the quantity of food, depending on the appetite of the baby. One teaspoon of a cereal grain or rice with milk, pureed fruit or vegetables are mixed good students. Do not put your baby to new tastes much at once. Introduce new foods one at a time and wait at the least 24 hrs before adding afresh one. This way you are able to identify any like or do not particularly like, and give your child a variety of flavors to try.

Choose a time when the babe is hungry, but hunger. You can sit on your circuit or place them on a chair in front of you. Put the smooch in his mouth for your baby so she could suck the food. Your first reaction might press for food with a knife. You may be surprised by the taste and feel at first, being so patient and encouraging to talk with him.

It can quickly find that they enjoy this current experience. If it pushes out the food, and place the spoon in his mouth again. As she cleaned about a teaspoon of food to the mouth & chin, and back to a normal diet. The amount and heaviness of the grain may be increased gradually. To eat for numerous weeks, most babes cereal double a day. All of the time make sure the babe is eating, sitting with drinks.

Types of food

You can prepare the food or use a brand of babe nutrient. Once the babe has perfect cereal, others may be trying new foods. For a first contact with solid food, pureed fruits or vegetables, cereal or baby is perfect. Bananas and papaias are easier to digest. Not with citrus, oranges, tomatoes, Pisces the Fishes, berries, egg whites, spinach, etc. Do not add salt to baby food, because even a little sum of salt can lead to dehydration.

Yogurt is also right for your babe. Mashed potatoes, carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, corn and peas all fine. Mashed bananas, pears and apples and orchard apple tree succus are apposite fruits for the babe. For oils and fats, you are able to use cooking oil for butter and margarine.