Frecklers And Beauty

By Maxine Foster

I was born with freckler all over my body green hazel eyes reddish brown hair, even thought my parents was Afro-Americans. I was the only one in my family that looked the way i did. From the first time I looked at myself in a mirror I cried myself to sleep because I was always told that I was ugly, even my brothers and sister was ashame of me at times.My life consisted of me being alone because no one wanted to play with me, even grownup looked at me as if I was contamious. Mommy while do I have all these thi ngs over me I would ask ,children can be mean God loves you. To me that was no  answer that she could give me explaining while I was the one with damaged, except that god made you the way he wanted you to be and that he gave you a special gift, be proud of who you are. Once I took clorox and tried to clean my face because the girls in my class told me that bleach would take the spots away. The next morning the freckler was still there I thought I saw more than it was before.I would look at my sisters and brothers all with clear skin and brown eyes wondering who I really was, all threw life i was made fun of  with no one understanding how I felted. I was  given false information by others who i felted was shame of me because of the frecklers. I brought every kind of cream and gel  which was a waste of money and my time, because my frecklers never faded.  I wasn’t worried about my body, my legs or arms because they could be covered. Then one day i took a long hard look at myself in my mirror. I had to love and like myself because of who I was, I was seeing myself threw the eyes of others. I was the one who wanted to change so badly that I was listening to others i was the one buying all kind of products to fade away what god had given me. The moment I stopped thinking of myself as not being excepted by others was the day thay i knew that i was beautiful on the inside and the out side. It all consisted of how i felted about myself, on i can say that I look my frecklers anf in the summer they had on their own.