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As I’ve seen like 1 million articles online about how to cheat in Farmville, I figured I’d post a real method of doing it, to stop everyone downloading all these fake programs that give you viruses, and following guides that take you hours, which actually just waste your time.

I’m here to teach you things, unlike some of the other people..

Okay so on with the Farmville Cheats 🙂

How Do I Cheat in Farmville?

Ok well firstly I’m going to tell you that there aren’t many real cheats for Farmville that I know of, most of them are fake since it’s not like they’ve got cheats built into it, e.g. Cheat Codes.

There may be bugs found while people are playing the game allowing them to easily add millions of gold to their accounts or boost experience super fast, but that’s a glitch more than cheat really.

I’m going to teach you about a program which looks at the way Farmville has been created and automatically plays the game for you.

This is a very complex bot that took months of development, and also one of the favourites on the web. It’s the only one that I could find from browsing the internet for about 3 weeks, so if you’re reading this then I recommend that you download this now.

The website I found it on is,

Then another website I found which offers the same thing is,

This program enables you to go to sleep while the bot continues to play the game for you, this got me extremely rich. I’ve recently stopped using the Bot since I’m far too good and rich for my friends already so I don’t need to get any better lol.

I wish you all luck with using this bot and I hope you all enjoy it, if you need help please ask.

Remember except for this and glitches there are no cheats for Farmville. This is the only working bot I have found so I recommend you use it.