Future Games

Playing this fun addicting game makes you money. You predict the sock market and whether or not it will go up or down and earn money depending on how many in a row you get right.  Future Games is a website pays you money and awards you prizes to predict the whether or not the stock market would go up and down. Play the game and predict whether it will go up or down. You just need to get 2 correct to earn .01. The more you get right the more money you make. get 30 right and win $10,000. If you get the most predictions right you win an ipod for getting the most right that day.


The up and down is random mostly and almost everything is a 50 50 guess.  The rewards are worth it. An Ipod and a computer are rewards enough for the daily and monthly prizes for top scores are enough to keep me up playing all night.  All and All the game is very very addicting.  I hate having to leave my computer for even a second.  For some reason getting away from this game is very difficult.