Gaddafi's Son Gets Asylum in Niger


Gaddafi is dead and gone. perhaps he committed a blunder by remaining in Libya. If he wished he could have just escaped to any of the African nations who had benefitted from his largesse. Unfortunately he gravely miscalculated and ended  up being tortured, buggered and ultimately killed. Many of gaddafi’s family and his supporters have been similarly executed aftre torture.

 However one of his sons is wiser. Gaddafi’s son Saadi  has escaped from Libya. Had he been captured, he would have faced the same fate as gaddafi: death and torture. Saadi has escaped to Niger in south west Africa. The President of Niger  Mahmadou Issoufi has annpounced that Saddi has been granted asylum. The President has claimed that teh asylum is on humanitarian grounds. He has also added that it is highly unlikely  that he will allow the extradition of the son of Gaddafi back to Libya.

 Saadi escaped from the desert of Libya to this country along with 3 of his generals . These generals have also been granted political asylum and are being treated as refugees. The President has however put a condition that Saadi and the 3 generals would not take part in any political activity  or any subversive acts in Libya. in other words Saadi Gaddafi will have to keep a low profile and live out his life there.

The grant of asylum has not gone down well with the TRA( transitional authority) of Libya and they would like that Saadi be brought back to Libya to face a trial for his ‘crimes’. But as well all know such trials if at all they take place are mere witch hunts and Saadi can except no mercy from the TRA and the new set up. in all liklihood he would be shot or hanged to death. it is a sad moment that the TRA is following in the footsteps of gaddafi as well.

 Thus the act of giving Asylum to Saadi must be appreciated. Perhaps he was involved in some illegal actions, but all this is in the field of conjecture.The important thing is that he will not face a  rigged  trial and certain death. All credit to the President of Niger a small improvished nation to have defied the western alliance as well.