Generate Traffic to Your Blog With These Tips

Once anyone starts a blog their number one question is how to generate traffic to my blog. You may be wanted traffic to your blog for several reasons. Possibly you would like to generate traffic because you want to share with the world what you have to say. You may want to generate traffic to generate revenue. Whatever the reason, these are ten tips that will help.

·         Build links to your site from other high ranking sites. One great site with one link is better than 300 bad sites with little to no traffic linked back to your site. Besides consider the time saved with fewer links to greater sites and more time spent linking to bad sites. You time is valuable.

·         Writing title tags may be difficult at times. You are writing for two purposes; search engines and people that visit your site or have a feed to your site. Your tags for titles should not be long, off topic or drawn out.  A great tool is Wordtracker or a similar software to verify if another tag for your title would work better for the search engine which is usually what your site feed and blog audience wants

·         You should be a participating follower of other blogs with similar context. Use to do searches for those blogs or has a blog search that can assist you

·         Content tagging can provide your content with a helping hand or shot in the arm. Tags on your page should be on posts. Don’t submit every post from your blog but quite a few helps. Tagging can assist with bringing readers to your blog from sites such as RedditDigg and Stumbleupon.

·         If you link from other forums, websites or other web content to your blog or use information, provide credit to the other source. Bad blog etiquette can be construed if you don’t. you don’t want another site badmouthing you

·         Add other than text in blog posts and content. Include images, pictures, maps, charts or graphs. If you really aren’t computer techy or savvy, bullet point.

·         Knowing which posts are popular is critical. It provides you with what direction to take your content in. analytics can provide this information. If you find which posts are receiving the most hits, you know that your readers enjoy this type of content. For those posts that receive the least amount of hits, you know what they don’t like and will stay away from it.

·         Share something that may be private for your particular context. Readers like to feel as if they are getting the inside scoop or knowledge. They like knowing the “secrets” of the trade. You will certainly be satisfied with how many hits you will get on this content.

·         Stay on schedule. If you usually post two per week, make sure you stay as close to that as possible. Don’t jump around. Your regulars will come to expect that. If you don’t and go to 1 every two weeks for example, you may lose some regulars

There are hundreds of thousands of blogs out in the world wide web but don’t get discouraged because there are also millions of readers. Blogs may seem simple like a simple task. However, to be successful, they take lots of hard work and dedication. This hard work and dedication will make your blog a success.

Good luck