Generic Business Cards

An epiphany came to me while I was searching through my desk for some business cards. I came across several boxes for brainstorms of the past that were destined for the recycle bin, and remember thinking what a waste the program was gone before the cards were. Then the light went on.

I found a box that was focused on Earning From Home and had no specific opportunity disclosed. All it had was my name, phone and a website I own the domain for. The rest was just generic motivation to start your own home based business and why you should check into it. It was a simple matter to fire up my HTML editor and in a few minutes (the website on the card) was a landing page for my newest opportunity and I had business cards in my hand ready to use immediately.

The reason this was so important, was a new Walmart opened in my neighborhood and my opportunity gave Walmart Gift Cards as part of the compensation. So all I did was wander around checking out the prices until I ran into someone I knew. After a little chit-chat, I shared with them that I was there because I found a website online that would pay me $500 to find a few friends that would be willing to shop at Walmart for free.

You should have seen the jaws drop!

Then after they practically twisted my arm to learn how, I had my recycled business card ready to hand them on the spot. This entire campaign would not have been as easy to pull off if my cards were not generic and already here. Since I was going to talk to them first, as long as the web address was there on the card it was fine. Trust me, I will always have some generic cards available from now on. I get mine from

This must be related to the old saying, “You snooze, you lose” right?