George Harrison For Bangladesh

How George Harrison  proved that Arms are not only the equipment to get support a struggling nation ? 

George Harrison planned a major nonprofit concert – The Concert for Bangladesh, responding toward a search for assist as a result of longtime buddy Ravi Shankar, on August 1, 1971. The concert was held in Madison Square Garden, New York and there gathered about 40,000 people. The goal of the concert was to gather money to serve the hungry refugees around the Bangladesh independent war.

Ravi Shankar – The Great Indian Musician exposed the proceedings, that included various other well-known members such as Badfinger, Leon Russell, Billy Preston, Eric Clapton (Made his beforehand open public arrival beneath months, for the cause of addiction of heroin that take up when Derek along with the Dominos disturbed), Bob Dylan (Hardly ever come out reside in early 1970s) and many others.

Tax troubles as well as questionable purchases linked several of the event’s goes on. Apple Corporation unveiled that newly established concert DVD with CD on October 2005 (along with every artists’ product sales royalties ongoing to help UNICEF), which usually included extra material like actually unreleased rehearsal video footage on “IfNotForYou”, that featuring Dylan and George Harrison for Bangladesh.

The song for Bangladesh

My friend came to me, with sadness in his eyes

He told me that he wanted help

Before his country dies

Although I couldn’t feel the pain, I knew I had to try

Now I’m asking all of you

To help us save some lives

 Bangla Desh, Bangla Desh

Where so many people are dying fast

And it sure looks like a mess

I’ve never seen such distress

Now won’t you lend your hand and understand

Relieve the people of Bangla Desh…….

Bangla Desh, Bangla Desh

Such a great disaster – I don’t understand

But it sure looks like a mess

I’ve never known such distress

Now please don’t turn away, I want to hear you say

Relieve the people of Bangla Desh

Relieve Bangla Desh

 Bangla Desh, Bangla Desh

Now it may seem so far from where we all are

It’s something we can’t neglect

It’s something I can’t neglect

Now won’t you give some bread to get the starving fed

We’ve got to relieve Bangla Desh

Relieve the people of Bangla Desh

We’ve got to relieve Bangla Desh

Relieve the people of Bangla Desh 

For more info , images and videos of the Concert , you may visit here – The Concert for Bangladesh.

The Concert for Bangladesh was a voluntary work of George Harrison that will be remembered by all Bengali people for ever.

Thanks George ! We will never forget you.