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What Is Adwords Miracle All About?

Have you heard of Adwords Miracle? From the off-set its sales page looks nice and professional. For a change, it actually gives you a fair amount of detail, which is unusual for a sales page. Obviously though it does not offer you an unbiased review. That’s where im gonna step in.

Adwords Miracle is a guide that has been put together by the self titled ‘Miracle Man’ (can’t seem to find a real name anywhere within the product). Within the guide he shows you in simple steps how he himself has made, and continues to make a small fortune every day with Google Adwords, and how you too, by following the same steps can do the same.

Does Adwords Miracle Work?

Good question! I should mention at this point that i am myself no stranger to using Adwords, therefore im reviewing Adwords Miracle as a man of Adwords experience. So, did i learn anything new? In short, yes! Adwords Miracle starts off covering the basics very well. Things like keyword research and ad copy are all comprehensively covered (although he does add some nice little ‘spins’ on ad copy later on). The first few pages are all standard fair, but a necessary one. The important thing here is that he does it with clarity and humour, which makes it easier to read and absorb. Especially important for Adwords newbies!

What attracted me originally to Adwords Miracle was the sales page talk of ‘Special Themes’, so lets take a look at that.

Woooooo! This is were things get REALLY interesting. I’ll kick off by mentioning his ‘Skimming Method’. Now it would be wrong of me to tell you what it is, so ill just tell you what i think of it. This could alone be sold for the asking price of the entire Adwords Miracle program. If Your looking for a method to make small amounts, but easy money then this may be it. I actually but this method into practice 2 weeks ago, and after the first week of ‘settling in’ it started to produce a nice $20-$30 per day. Not bad for 2 hours initial work eh?

The rest of the ‘Special Themes’ focuses on advanced methods of ad copy and keyword research most of which was original enough for me (remember im an experienced Adwords user) to find useful and refreshing.

How Does Adwords Miracle Compare With Other Programs?

Well, obviously there are hundreds or more Adwords programs being sold on the internet. What makes Adwords Miracle so unique, in my opinion, are the advanced and ‘special themes’. This section really is absolute gold. That’s not to say that the rest of the book isn’t great also. Its just that the ‘special themes’ section presents such unusual and different techniques (techniques that actually work as i have personally proven to myself) that it alone makes me pleased as punch that i purchased Adwords Miracle. You just don’t see these kinds of methods in other books.

So Bottom Line, Do You Recommend Adwords Miracle?

I know i keep using the word refreshing, but i don’t care… I’m going to use it again… Adwords Miracle is the most refreshing Adwords guides that i have ever come across and that alone means im happy to recommend it.

Adwords Miracle is a comprehensive but very well presented program with some very nice twists.

So bottom line…Yes…I highly recommend Adwords Miracle.

Caiden Felix