Get Stinking Rich Writing Articles Online, Part 2: The Crackdown

Since I wrote my earler piece on this subject, I’ve discovered a few more places where you can submit articles and get paid. Well, I also discovered a handful of sites who DON’T pay for the articles. They claim they have hundreds of thousands or even millions of readers, so you’ll get great exposure – which I guess is cool … if you’re fifteen years old and just want to be read. The rest of us who are adults and who want to make an income should stay away from those sites (which I’ll probably get back to in the near future). On to the sites that actually pay for your efforts:


This one should have been in my earlier article, I simply forgot about it. Helium is a site that uses a somewhat different system than its competitors. They have a marketplace where people shop for articles, and you can pick subjects to write about. I signed up with Helium a year ago, but I’ve actually never written anything for them, so I can’t tell if they’re any good or not – but they do have a serious approach and it’s apparently harder to get your material accepted there.


This is a site which reminds me of Squidoo. On Flixya you can share pictures, videos and blogposts. It kind of feels like a community, and the design is rather clean and nice. It’s financed by AdSense and according to the site, you earn 75% of the takes. I’ve just signed up with them and have already posted a bunch of articles, so let’s see how it works for me. Unfortunately, there seems to be quite a few spammers among the members; I received several annoying messages within the firsthour online there.


Now, this site sure has a strange name… My Triple Dub?! Anyway, the site is almost a copy of Flixya; it’s a community where you post blogs, pics and videos, and get paid from AdSense ads – it doesn’t say how much, though. As with Flixya, I just signed up and posted some material, so let’s see what happens.


Oondi has a REALLY nice, clean design. It gives the impression of being brand new and there’s not much content there, but the idea is to make it similar to Bukisa, Xomba, Triond and the likes. You upload articles – and on Oondi, everything is checked by a human being. They also promise you’ll get 100% of what the AdSense ads make. The interface is simple but a tad confusing, it took me quite a while to figure out how to post articles – that button sure is hidden. Check it out!


Here’s another one I’ve never heard about. I stumbled upon Juble while looking for something else. I just signed up with them, since the presentation gives a very serious approach. Yet again, Juble works kind of like Bukisa and Xomba, unless you write longer articles. If you want to do that, you need to do some kind of a test first. Juble is of course financed with AdSense, and how much you earn depends on your membership level – there are a couple of different levels. Juble seems interesting, so check that one out as well!


Okay, here’s a funny site. Boddunan is based in India, but the articles are in English. Sort of. Don’t ask me why this Indian site is in English. Thing is, I got an invitation to join up with Boddunan. Cool, I thought, there are millions and millions of Indians, so maybe I’ll get a huge bunch of readers.
No such luck. After signing up, I found out that you only get paid if you’re an Indian, living in India. I don’t know if it’s possible to get published without payment if you’re not an Indian – but why bother?
Payment differs from article to article. Aparently, Boddunan has editors who decide how much an article is worth depending on its quality. They also talk a lot about writing in perfect English. Too bad the English they use is rather crappy and confusing. And so are the articles.