Getting Over Blue Periods

Getting over depression is difficult especially if you are unable to talk to someone about it and especially if you do not change your habits. Here are some ways you could adopt to change your life and look at relationships differently

  • If you try to find ways that are different to change the way you think or treat yourself to something new so that I do not dwell on old issues. Often we are haunted by old issues and they case fixations. If the person can change his pattern of thinking than part of the battle is won.
  • A lot has to do with still being single, having jealous friends who have been around for many years, having to do jobs that offer little satisfaction and having few emotional outlets Often being single and lack of emotional outlets go hand in hand. There are plenty of single bars or ways that a single person can meet a date without going out of his way, like over the Internet. Drop friends that are damaging to your morale if they cannot change their ways toward you.
  • My married friends have long gone on to other responsibilities and I feel bored being with younger friends that have not had the ability to mature because they are still at an “experimental” stage of trying out what they like to do.
  • If one changes their concentration from the causes of depression, once they have been recognized, to what makes them feel happy, they are less likely to get depressed
  • There are plenty of social groups to belong to, to share the difficulties of meeting a partner and indirectly one can create friendships. Friendships are not meant to be permanent by definition of the word so people should not have expectations from the start. That will curb depression. If bad company causes depression, then no company is better than that.
  • There are certain foods that help to swing moods so that a person can feel better. Foods for example rich in saturated fats will make you feel sluggish and they are not advised for people who suffer from depression.
  • Look beyond just getting over the next depressing moment especially when you know that certain events like a quiet New Year, triggers a depression. Tell yourself that you do not deserve to be the object of poor self-esteem if that is a contributing factor and do not use money as an excuse for lack of enjoyment. Here you should be content with what you have from the start.
  • The person can ask himself what the conditons are which precede the depression. Is he anticipaing a lonely period which is followed by the same scenario of not having company and looking for anybody who might be available?If this triggers depression then if he