Getting Your Child Ready For The 2Nd Grade

Well, it is that time again, the first day of school and getting ready to go into the next grade can be exciting for the little one getting ready for that change, Here are some tips that may help make sure your 1st grader is ready to tackle the 2nd grade.

First thing I taught my daughter was her home phone number, I think this is important you never know when they are going to need it.

Go over writing numbers with your child, First grade should have went over numbers 1-100, so go over those numbers with them as a refresher and then try to go higher, see how high they can go with their numbers, you may be surprised.

Kids learn by sight, have them write them down it will help them remember.

Go over adding and subtracting with your child. Try to go up to 10’s. Show them different strategy’s of how to solve the problems. Go over counting by two’s and five’s this will help them with their math, also refresh them with counting money go over quarters, nickels, dimes, and pennies.

Go over the days of the week and the months of the year.

Time and money will be taught this year too, go over the time with them on a analog and digital clock.

Make sure they are able to write their names, along with all the ABC’s, capital and lower case letters.

Last always read with your child, and let them read to you.

Good luck, and have a wonderful new school year.