Gibson SG Guitar

How could you define the Gibson SG Guitars? Mostly by the devil points upon the the surface of the guitar’s body. Because of their slender design and not so heavy materials, these guitars grew popular when first announced in 1960. They were marketed and sold as a sturdy, dense-bodied guitar and given preference over the heavier, regular guitar models.

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Gibson Les Paul was the inventor and creator of these model guitars. However, he did not find the latest 60’s design to his liking and asked numerous times that his name be removed from this model. Despite this minor detail, this type model guitar actually became very popular and was even advertised as having the “fastest neck in the world” due to the slender neck design.

After the initial SG model was introduced, three more models came into production. There was the Standard Gibson model, the JR Gibson model guitar and the high quality custom model. The custom model however did not have the name ‘SG’ but they did carry Les Paul’s Hancock between the neck and edge of the fingerboard.

These body of these particular guitars are made from a number of woods ranging from Mahogany, to Birch Laminate, to Maple. The neck is primarily composed of Mahogany or Birch.

Woods of Rosewood or Ebony compose the fret board for this guitar. Though it may be widely available in the many wood colors that create it, it is also available in black or white. This guitar is even painted in specialty colors and designs for most famous musicians. Many famous music artists have chosen Gibson guitars as their ideal choice for performances.

Artists are recognized to have the Gibson SG guitars often modified and made specially for them. Most of them have become long time followers of Gibson model guitars. These guitar models, consisting of the finest woods and well crafted designs, have risen to popularity among guitar musicians all around.