God is Present Everywhere But Losing His Importance on Earth

The word god is as deep as this universe, nobody knows where god was born or when did he create the world, as time progressed people starting worshipping nature because they considered that to be the supreme power, still further when god himself came on earth , he professed all men to be equal , every prophet or gods like lord Ram, lord Krishna , lord Jesus and many more who were born always preached unity and brought a message to the people that god is one , can I ask the people who are reading this article right now that do they actually believe in god and do they consider their god to be equal and one???????? I am sorry to say I don’t think  that people consider god to be one.

     All of us are well aware that science came after ethics came  , people first discovered themselves and then ultimately they started discovering god , to some god was ram , to some god was lord Krishna, some considered god to be Allah, and finally casts came into place people started dividing themselves, can I ask a single question which god has asked us to divide ourselves? Which god has told us to live but not in harmony and keep fighting with one another this is where god has lost its importance, the Babri Masjid case is the most ridiculous case to even think about, people are forgetting that karma is god , if  your karmas are not good nobody can give you success, instead of believing in all the babas and tantriks start believing in your karma.

  How many of us really get up in the morning and thank god for whatever he has given us, very few of us, we always complain and  when we get successs we praise ourselves  don’t we? The most common answers that we hear is i am  the best and I have done it or I am the only one to do , may I ask who are you ? let me tell you the answer, you are nothing but just an actor in a drama scripted , written , directed and narrated by god . Free yourself , people are committing suicides these days just because circumstances are not in their favor why do we keep forgetting all the time the master of our lives are not we he is somebody else and we must leave everything to him , nobody is perfect this world but everyone wants to be  why? What’s the need? Just getting all you want in life is not what is needed all  you need is the inner happiness, that is what god is all about , if you feel that drinking and smoking gives you happiness do that I mean no religion states that trouble yourself and then preach god, start learning to be satisfied ………..true love is the love of life and when you start loving your life automatically you will find everything beautiful, everything perfect , everything the best, I agree life is not a bed of roses to give only happiness all the time but we human beings have the power to change even the worse of times to the best

        Don’t be practical all the time money is only a medium to live life , find time for inner happiness, for true god who is inside you ,not anywhere else if you want to impress god do them by your karma what your heart allows you to do stop blaming god all the time , stop blaming destiny all the time if you will see down you will find may people who are living under worse circumstances than you,  believing in religion is not believing in god , believing in yourself is beleiving in god

           At last I would like to say that it is your life make it as large and as big as possible good will happen to to you definitely but for that do the things right way dont be a bird in a cage , be  a free bird mould the circumstances according to your wish…………….