Good Things & Flaws of Rent-To-Own Alternatives

People with poor credit usually have to undertake some other options for large-scale purchases, which includes purchasing a residential property. Often referred to as a lease purchase, a rent-to-own home method enables something with poor credit to achieve hopes and dreams of home possession.

There are actually certain advantages and also disadvantages of which to be aware prior to placing your signature to a contract.



A main advantage to a homeowner agreement is the capacity to try something out with no real responsibility toward it. Opposite to a property loan that can span 15 years, a rent-to-own agreement is usually for a period of one to three years. Therefore this offers the customer to check out the home and neighborhood and decide whether or not he really wants to keep it by the end of the contract. It should be noted, however, that in case an individual opts to leave from that deal, he loses out on any specific rent-to-own payments — as well as any advance payment made — created during the period of the signed contract.

Establishing Down Payments

Down payments are usually asked by lenders to pay for a property. This prerequisite hinders a number of people from making plans to buy a house. However, in a lease purchase circumstance, possible property owners are able make use of a portion of the rent payment towards the advance payment. This provides interested buyers an opportunity to save an initial payment without actually having to reside in the property.

Negative points


Compared to a standard purchase or loan with financial institution, people that use rent to own deals possess a little or no protection if they are not able to render payments or fall behind. Almost all rent-to-own agreements particularly state that a person can lose their property if they are cannot pay the rent. Not like a normal mortgage, individuals do not have the choice of refinancing or claiming difficulty to be able to preserve the lease purchase agreement.

Mortgage loan Acceptance

A lot of people get involved in a rent-to-own arrangement until they are capable to be endorsed for a loan with their own individual credit. Although this is a big advantage for a few, those who still possess a low credit score may find there are still unable to obtain standard funding towards the end of the signed contract period. In that instance, they may have to forfeit the property as well as the signed contract.

Real estate market Price Shifts

Changes in home prices can be a big issue to a rent-to-own deal. When getting into a lease purchase situation, all concerned parties agree on an arranged cost for the purchase. The renter/buyer is required to render payments toward that acquisition costs throughout the contract, regardless of whether it has gone down in value. Take for instance, a couple may enter into a rent-to-own deal for a residence they are going to buy after the end of the 12 month period for $250, 000. At the end of the year, however, the home’s market cost has lowered right down to $200, 000. The couple will have already made payments for the whole year on the home based on the contract value and have to determine whether or not they really want to continue paying for a residential property that is definitely more expensive than it is currently worth.