Google Adwords – The Quickest Way to Get More Exposure For Your Business!

Every small business needs more customers and there’s never been a more important time than now to get as many customers as you can whilst saving as much money as possible. If you’ve been scratching your head wondering how the heck you can get more qualified leads without spending a fortune, Google Adwords could well be the answer.
Where have all the customers gone?

Let’s face it… there are a LOT of small businesses out there who are really hurting and the cost of advertising in traditional areas like the yellowpages or even the local newspaper is just too expensive. If you are like most small business owners the only reason you decided to advertise in places like the yellowpages in the first place is “because that’s what everybody else does and that’s the way it’s always been”.

If you are advertising in places like the yellowpages or even your local newspaper let me ask you this… how’s it going for you?

There is a better way…

It’s no secret that internet usage has gone through the roof and the number of people who are researching products and services online is absolutely staggering.

It’s also no secret that Google is king when it comes to searching online so it makes perfect sense that if you want to get your products and services found you need to get your business listed on Google.

But being found on Google isn’t as easy as it sounds…

There are thousands of websites being launched daily and they’re all aiming at getting a piece of the action. The truth is that if you sell stuff and your website isn’t being listed within the first couple of pages on Google then you are definetly missing out heaps of new customers. Most of us give up looking for things after first page and we almost certainely have packed up and gone home by page 3.

To get your website to appear high in the search engine lists can be a difficult and time consuming task. Generally if you want your website to appear high in the ‘organic’ searches (where the search engines browse your site and then rank it based on a series of extremely complex algorythms) you’ll need to do a heap of regular work and wait… and wait… and wait… realistically you could end up waiting anywhere between 3 months and 2 years before the search engines start to take you seriously and list you higher in the lists.

This is where Google Adwords comes in…

If you haven’t heard of Google Adwords it’s where you pay Google a small fee to advertise your products or services in their search engine results when people search for things. Depending on how much you are prepared to pay depends on where your ad appears.

The good news is that if they’re managed correctly Google adwords are a really cost effective way of advertising your products… your ad only shows to people who are specifically looking for your type of products or services… you only pay when someone clicks on your ad… you can get started for as little as $5 per day and if your website is up to scratch (ie. is designed to encourage the visitors to contact you) you’ll get a much better return on your investment than what you could ever get from the yellowpages and newspaper advertising.