Gorgeous Wives of The World’s Top Billionaires

Normal people like us marry for love. But, there are some people that fall in love for money and then marry for the money. Marrying someone rich is a pretty popular way of becoming a millionaire overnight. Well, here’s a list of women that married way above their heads and got rich overnight. Whether they married for love or for money is for you to decide. Let’s just get into the list.


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Thanks to her husband, Salma Hayek can go shopping for islands whenever she wants. She is currently married to the owner of Kering, the conglomerate that owns Gucci, Alexander McQueen and Balenciaga. Her husband is currently worth $28 Billion.


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Julie Chen is married to CBS CEO Leslie Moonves who was her boss back in 2004. She’s a journalist that starting dating and married her boss the same year. Moonves is worth $700 Million as of 2018.


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Ms. Gates is married to the richest man in the world. She was just an employee at Microsoft where she would end up marrying Bill. Bill Gates is currently the world’s richest man with a net worth of $91 billion.


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Of course, the name needs no introduction. Model Melanic Knavs married the President of America back in 2005. Trump is currently worth $3.5 billion as of March 2018.


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Priscilla is pretty famous even without Mark Zuckerberg’s named joined with hers. She is an active philanthropist donating millions off for healthcare and education. Due to Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg is currently worth $72.5 billion.


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Ukranian Model Nikita dated Larry Ellison, the found of Oracle from 2010 to 2016. Ellison used to be a private consultant for the CIA and is currently worth $62.4 billion.


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Diane is a famous designer in her own right and has a decent bank account too. But, her new worth went way up when she married Barry Diller, Chairman of InterActiveCorp. Diane was previously married to a German aristocrat named Prince Egon Von Fürstenberg.


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She is a Ukranian model who won several beauty pageants before meeting her husband Phil Ruffin. Phil is a businessman that has made his money from quite a different endeavors like greyhound racing and real estate. His net worth is approximately $3 billion.


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Lucinda is married to the former CEO of Google and current CEO of Alphabet, Inc. She is a research scientist that has degrees from various reputable universities. Her husband, Larry Page is currently worth $51 billion.


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Wendi Deng is a Chinese national who came to the States on a student visa. Afte rher MBA, she accepted a business finance job in Rupert Murdoch’s company, 21st Century Fox. She would later marry her boss and the story would end happily ever after. Not quite though, the FBI and CIA were suspicious of Deng and thought she was a Chinese Spy.