Great Gift Ideas for Dad

This guide goes over several great gift ideas for Dad. Check it out. I know you will enjoy it.


Electric Shavers

Which Electric Shaver Should I Buy? There are so many out there it is hard to know which one to get. Reviews on electric shavers can be a great avenue for figuring out which electric shaver to buy because it will give you personal hands on knowledge, not something put out from the manufacturer which is likely to be biased.


Last Minute Cruises

With the economy going south, it is definitely last minute cruises season. A cruise, on the other hand, can be a great alternative to a traditional land vacation as they are quite often more economical and are easier to arrange because they are sold as all inclusive vacations. Every cruiseline markets their cruises a little differently so it is difficult to predict what lines will offer deals and when or if they will even be offered.

Natural Hair Restoration

There are a number of different natural hair restoration methods out there designed for those who do not want to experience the side effects of hormone therapies and surgeries.Results will vary since baldness is hereditary and can really only be prolonged at best.

Flat Screen TV

With so many brands, styles, and sizes of Plasma TV’s available, it can be difficult to know what you are actually getting when you purchase a plasma TV. The following advice will help you to clarify exactly what you are purchasing for the money you are spending.


Co2 to Carbonation System

With a small investment, you can make any carbonated beverage from sparkling cider to soda pop or even sparkling wine.

Greek Gourmet Coffee

Learn to prepare and serve traditional Greek Gourmet Coffee. In the small pot (called a Briki), add the cold water, the ground coffee and the sugar. It is important that you start with a cold pot and cold water, as it will take longer to boil, so you will get better flavor extraction from the Greek gourmet coffee.