Great to Make Your Life Seem Less Dull!

L’Oreal Elvive Light Reflecting Crème-Nutri Gloss for Normal, Dull & Lifeless Hair


This product is a leave in conditioning treatment that illuminates, revives, smoothes damaged hair. It has shine enhancing technology which nourishes your hair making it more manageable giving it that cashmere touch. As it evens out the hair cuticles it makes it seem smoother and healthier. It claims that the surface of the hair captures and reflects the light better leaving the hair seem glossier and gives it a mirror shine. Overall it conditions damaged hair and you don’t have to wash it out.


The bottle is short and fat, which doesn’t take up a lot of space. If you have a large handbag it could fit into it easily. It has a pearly glossy look to it and is light pink in colour with a dark pink lid. The labels are plastic and waterproof meaning they aren’t damaged easily. The main writing is in black and it is clear and easy to read. The rest of the writing is in dark pink which is harder to read. You will need to concentrate more to know what is says. On the front it has labels to tell you what it does. The lid is not screw off instead it has to be pulled up to open the bottle. Then to close it you have to push it back down.


This product has pearl protein and micro-shine reflectors in a light conditioning formula, which make it, work so well. It includes pearl protein, which gives targeted nutrition to the hair fibre, balancing it from root to tip. Micro-shine reflectors are also in the formula, these are tiny particles that bounce light off the hair’s surface to amplify shine.


The product is a creamy pearly colour with a tinge of pink to it. Throughout the conditioner is shiny and glitter like. In fact once you have put it into your hair the glitter effect specks are left on your hands. The smell is fresh and your hair is left with this lovely smell once you have used the product, which reminds me of salon products and conditioners used in salons. It is refreshing but not an overpowering smell. It is gel like and easy to apply to your hair.

It helped protect my hair from using hairdryers and straightners leaving it looking healthier and shiner. The only potential problem with this product is that it leaves small speck like pieces of glitter in your hair. When you run your hands through your hair once it has dried the residue is on your hands. It also can leave the same residue on your clothes. Personally I don’t mind this as I like glitter and use it for everyday use, plus it washes off easily. However it would be annoying if you were wearing black or dark coloured clothes, as it may be more noticeable.


Overall I think this product is fantastic and is great for conditioning hair and making it more manageable with the added bonus it leaves your hair looking less dull and more shiner.

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