Grocery Shopping on a Budget

If you’re trying (like many of us) to cut back on your grocery shopping expenses why not give these 8 ways a try to go about doing just that!

  • Always shop with a grocery list, that way you don’t run the risk of overbuying/overspending. Before you head out, list all the items you need to purchase. At the supermarket work your way down list crossing each item off as you place it in the trolley
  • Make use of coupons. Find them in the newspaper, online and in some housekeeping magazines.
  • Always use cash for your purchases. We are tempted to spend more money when using a credit card.
  • Never grocery shop when you’re hungry! You’ll only end up buying a bunch of things you really don’t need and going way over budget.
  • Remember if it’s not on your grocery list, don’t buy it. Don’t even be tempted. Stick to the list.
  • Shop around to compare prices. Make note of which store offers you the best value.
  • Give store brands a try. They tend to cheaper.
  • Stock up on sale items.
  • Avoid pre-cut/pre-washed purchases. They are always more costly and it will only take you a few minutes to do it yourself at home.
  • Buy some of your produce at the local market.
  • Stick to the edges of the supermarket. Stick to fruit, veggies, bread, dairy and meat. All the items in the centre of the store (aka packaged) are overpriced.
  • Bring a calculator. If you bring a calculator along with you, using your calculator will help you stay within your budget.
  • Instead of buying readymade, make your own.