Hair Yesterday, Gone Today

I got less Hair these Days and I can remember my Thick Full Head of Hair. I remember the Mop as You can call it and those Trips to the Barber Shop and the Pile of Hair I used to Leave. I got a Lolly Pop when i was Young and I am not sure Who or How it Started but I Think it was from the Goodness of the Barber as a Young Lad some of us Think it was a bad Experience but was but I was a Brave Lad. When it was Hot and Your Hair Grew Long it Felt Great Losing some of that Hair. When Your Young We all Love our Long Hair through High School and maybe into College and then we must or try be a Talented Musician or Work in the Music Business and some of us just want to look like a Rock Star or a Jazz Musician as we just Dig our Long Hair. I Miss my Italian Barber in His Shop for $4.00 I got a nice Cut. I would get a nice Complement from a Girl in my Neighborhood and that Felt Good. Now I Lived in a Few Neighborhoods and I like the Soft Feel of a Female Hair Stylist and the $10.00 Price is well Worth it. i do have One Place where I Pay $8.00 which is a Great Rate to if I Shop at the Supermarket or Drug Store next to it.

Now in the Past 10 Years I have much Less Hair as I look at my Brush and Comb Where did my Hair go Down the Drain to i Wonder but I know I lost it in many Places as did Family Members in the Hereditary Trait. I am using Regrowth Products as they Work and You can get a Generic Brand with the same Ingredients as the Big Brand Used made Famous by Dermatologist over 10 Years ago. New Formulas are be made every Day and the Science of Hair Regrowth had made Great Strides and Advancements in Technology. I am using the Minoxidil Twice Daily and see it Works Well and I can Say Hair Today and not Gone Tomorrow soon. The Hair is a Beautiful Thing that makes the Man and the Woman as well as most of us have Nice Hair but a few of us have Less Nice Hair. So we do What we can and Spend Money to keep it Cut and Groomed to look our best. Hair keeps us Warm in Cold Areas we Live in and Protects us from Things like to much Sun and from Dirty Things Outside and Indoors. As we get Older we Lose the Color or Pigment in our Hair and some of Us use a Coloring as We like to look Young and to avoid Gray Hair as we call it. We even will get a Transplant as some do look Natural and others don’t. We even Wear a Hair Piece before Hair Regrowth began to Work Wonders. It is big Business and it is Important to some of us to keep our Hair or Regrow it if we need to. As Hair is Here to Stay.