Happy Aquarium Cheats for Facebook; Cheat Codes That Work, Plus Tips and Tricks

Fish Grow Faster Cheat on Happy Aquarium for Facebook

To make your fish grow faster on Happy Aquarium, first make sure all of your fish are healthy, and have a sufficient amount of life (about 3/4 full per fish). Then, go to the date and time settings on your computer by either clicking the clock at the bottom right hand corner of your screen, or going to Start > Control Panel > Date and Time. Move the clock ahead by about three to four days, then save the settings and return to game play. Your fish will now be full grown, something that would have taken a long time to achieve through normal play.

Experience Points on Happy Aquarium for Facebook

To gain extra experience points, feed your fish often. Feed regularly, in small amounts. This will keep fish healthy, but by feeding in small amounts often, instead of feeding once in a large sum, you can continuously gain experience points in the game.

More Experience Points on Happy Aquarium for Facebook

To get even more experience points, clean the tank regularly. To buy fish tank cleaning tools, click on the ‘Store’ button at the bottom lefthand side of the screen while playing, and buy the most inexpensive cleaning tools. Clean the tank regularly to keep building experience points.

More Money on Happy Aquarium for Facebook

To get more money, do not buy anything that is not a fish. Of course, crabs, slugs, and other items make the tank more attractive, but these items cost money, and will not re-sell for nearly that price, meaning you will be losing money on these items when it comes time to sell. The best bet is to buy fish only, increase time to make them grow faster, then re-sell quickly.