Hate Crime: How to File a Police Report

Definition of a Hate Crime

A hate crime is defined as targeting a person or persons, organizations, religious groups, social groups or government solely because of his or her race, religion, sexual orientation, age, gender, disability, class, social or political affiliation and committing violence, crimes or threat of violence or crimes against them.

How to file the Police report

You are a victim where the hate crime incident occurred and should file a Police report in that jurisdiction.

You can call your local Police department and find out what reporting options are available to you.

This is a serious crime and most likely you cannot report it over the phone or on-line and you should either go in person to the Police station or have a Patrol car dispatched to your location to take a report.

What you need to file the report

You will need proper identification to start the report.  You will need to provide the Police with a full and complete account of the incident and why you feel you have been targeted, any suspect information if known and any witness information.

Why file a report

It is against the law for someone to target another person or group of persons with the intention to commit violence based solely on their preferences.  In order for the world to stop such prejudices, education through reporting and bringing suspects to justice seems to be the only way.

Filing this report is your choice.


Filing this Police report is a very detailed process.   Notifications are made to various other units who also conduct a full investigation who will canvas the area looking at video surveillance, talking with any witnesses, locate any other victims and find a solution to prevent any further crimes.

Once you have filed a report, make sure, that you always get your Police report case number and either a receipt that you filed a report or an actual copy of the report for your records.  

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