Hatton May Use Shoulders and Elbows to Gain Advantage Over Pacquiao

Freddie Roach said the other day that he expects Ricky Hatton to use his shoulders and elbows to gain advantage over Manny Pacquiao in their forthcoming boxing match.

In a news article by James Slater of Eastside boxing: ‘Hatton has a come forward, aggressive approach, and in the past his style of fighting has led some people to claim he uses borderline illegal moves , such as using his elbows and shoulders, when in close. Roach is one of these people, and he says he expects a much stiffer contest for the ‘Pac-man’ in May compared to what he was faced with back in December when he squared of with weight-drained, some say shot, Oscar de la Hoya’.

‘Hatton is much younger (than Oscar de la Hoya), a more vibrant guy, and will give us more difficulties’ Freddie said. ‘He will come and truly believe in himself.
And he is kind of a rough fighter who will come in with shoulders and elbows, and try to mug us a little bit.

Roach is in the process of selecting sparring partners of Pacquiao in preparation of his training for the forthcoming fight. He will definitely choose bigger and taller fighters who are aggressive and love to attack inside the ring.

Roach who recently signed in the famous heavyweight boxer, Michael Moorer as his assistant will prepare counter strategies for the highly aggressive and mobile Hatton. He will likewise make sure that he gets consulted on the choice of referees for the forthcoming fight, knowing Hatton’s tendency to use his elbows and shoulders to gain advantage in the fight.

Hatton is the current IBO welterweight champion while Pacquiao is the current pound-for-pound king. They are scheduled to fight on May 2, 2009 at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada.