Haunted Lighthouses in America

People everywhere are fascinated with lighthouses, and to me when one is presumed haunted, even better. Listed are some of the most haunted lighthouses reported.

Point Lookout Lighthouse, located in St. Mary’s County, Maryland this lighthouse was an original structure that served the Maryland shipping community starting in the early 1830’s. Point Lookout has had lots of reported activity since the 1860’s and is said to be America’s most haunted lighthouse. The lighthouse is said to be haunted by the lighthouse’s first keeper, Ann Davis. She is reported being seen standing in the stairwell, paranormal investigators have recorded disembodied voices on digital recorders. Civil War soldiers are also reported being seen around the basement area searching for the graves that were moved a century ago.

Plymouth Lighthouse, located in Plymouth, Massachusetts, one of the oldest lighthouses this structure was up and running in the fall of 1768. The lighthouse was first ran by John and Hannah Thomas in 1769. John was said to be killed in the Revolutionary War and wife Hannah was put in charge as one of the first women lighthouse keepers. Reports are said that Hannah still roams the lighthouse looking for her husband. Once a man and his wife were sleeping there and he awoke to find Hannah floating over his wife. He believed that she thought that her husband had come back from the war.

St. Augustine Lighthouse, located in St. Augustine, Florida. This grand lighthouse was constructed in 1874. Hezekia Pittee was one of the first keepers of the lighthouse, one day as the daughters and a friend were playing they fell into the water and all drown but two, it is said that the girls along with an African-American girl, all drowned when the handcart in which they were playing went off the tramway that was built to carry supplies from ships to the lighthouse. Since then there have been many reports of ghost girls playing through out the lighthouse. There is also reports of a male figure that has been seen in the basement of the St. Augustine, it is said to possibly be the spirit of a former caretaker that supposedly hung himself there.

Old Port Boca Grande Lighthouse, located in Gasparilla Island, Florida. Built in December 31, 1890 by the first keeper Francis McNulty. The house is said to be haunted by two ghosts one of a headless spirit of a Spanish princess, it is said she refused to marry a pirate so he cut off her head, she is said to walk the beach around the lighthouse looking for her head.  The next ghost to haunt the Old Port Boca is said to be of a young girl, daughter of one of the lighthouse keepers, she is said to have died of whooping cough. It is said you can hear her playing in one of the upper areas of the old Lighthouse.