Hay Fever

Hay fever
Last updated: Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The appellation hay agitation is a misnomer: the action is not acquired by hay, nor does it aftermath fever. Hay agitation is an allergic acknowledgment to baby particles of bulb or beastly protein that counterbalance little abundant to be agitated through the air and get deposited on the membranes of the eyes, adenoids and throat.

In some humans the allowed arrangement is overactive and identifies frequently controllable particles as dangerous, bearing an boundless reaction.

This acknowledgment after-effects in the absolution of able actinic agents of which histamine is the best known. These substances could could could could could could cause actual astringent abscess of the close film lining the nasal passages and conjunctiva of the eyes, acute agog and sneezing and the assembly of ample amounts of adulterated mucus.

Allergic nasal disorders are disconnected into two capital types: the melancholia anatomy which is accepted as melancholia allergic rhinitis or added frequently as hay fever, and secondly the year-round anatomy accepted as abiding allergic rhinitis.

Symptoms of the above is about that of nasal itchiness, sneezing and a aqueous nose. Nasal blockage is below common. In the closing there may be little affection of nasal itchiness, sneezing or a aqueous adenoids with the affection getting mainly that of nasal obstruction. Abounding individuals about accept a aggregate of both.

With melancholia hayfever, bounce (September to November) is generally a decidedly afflicted time for abhorrence sufferers. Just as winter ends and the timberline blossoms appear, asthma, hayfever, allergic conjunctivitis and even eczema activate to blaze up. However, for some individuals allergic alone to plants beginning in autumn, this may be the botheration time for them.

What are the affection of hay fever?

A getting may accept any or all of the following:

Severe bouts of sneezing, abnormally in the morning

Intense agog of the adenoids and of the aficionado and even the ear canals

Watery nasal mucus

Stuffy adenoids all the time or during specific seasons

Itchy and bathetic eyes

Eyes are acute to light

Reddened, bouldered lining in the lower eyelids

Frequent throat-clearing

Breathing through the mouth


Rabbit-like movements of the nose

A accumbent bulge above the adenoids as a aftereffect of connected rubbing

Repeated nosebleeds

Dizziness or nausea, accompanying to ear problems

Nasal articulation because of blocked nasal passages

Dark circles below the eyes as a aftereffect of burden from blocked nasal passages on the baby claret vessels


Headaches because of burden from central the adenoids or from the atrium canals getting blocked and a abrogating pressure-sinus headache

Nasal blockage associated with headache, assiduous decrepit at the aback of the throat and bad breath, suggests abiding sinusitis rather than rhinitis.

What causes hay fever?

Allergens which could could could could could could cause hay agitation are the pollens of grass, copse and a few edger species, all of which are wind-pollinated. It is alone the small, ablaze wind-borne pollens which could could could could could could cause the allergic acknowledgment in the nose. Occasionally fungal spores are implicated, but as these usually accept a year-round distribution, melancholia flare-ups are actual unlikely. Certain tasks such as mowing the backyard during the pollen division will aggravate affection of hay fever.

Perennial allergic rhinitis (that occurs all year round) is mainly acquired by abode dust mite, animals and moulds.

Pollen levels are usually accomplished in the mid morning, and above amounts are present on hot airy days. During hot boiling weather, abnormally afterwards thunderstorms, pollen grains tend to breach absolution accomplished starch granules into the air which are awful allergenic and can access acutely into the lungs.

Early springtime hay agitation is a lot of generally acquired by pollens of accepted trees. Backward springtime pollens appear mostly from grasses. Colourful or ambrosial beginning plants, such as abounding garden plants, rarely could could could could could could cause allergy, because their pollens are too abundant to be airborne. Unlike grasses, copse and weeds, which are wind-pollinated, garden plants are pollinated by insects, which backpack their heavy, adhesive pollen.

Pollinating seasons for grasses, copse and weeds are adequately constant from year to year. These seasons alter according to geographic region. Hay agitation division extends above the aeon of backward summer into aboriginal autumn, as this is the time if abounding weeds absolution their pollen. In South Africa, because of the balmy climate, our grass seasons are actual continued and may abide for 9 months consistent in affection for continued periods.


It is absurd to abstain the allergens which could could could could could could cause this anatomy of rhinitis, e.g., grass pollens, so medical analysis is certain in a lot of cases. Speak to your doctor about the a lot of adapted analysis for you. Analysis for hay agitation is disconnected into 4 capital groups:


Recent developments in this acreage accept apparent the accession of a new chic of anti-histamines which no best aftermath boundless drowsiness. In accession some of these new anti-histamines charge alone be taken already a day, which is a big advantage. However, in some individuals, the bulk of histamine getting appear in acknowledgment is greater than the archetypal and actual dosage of antihistamine getting taken, and a college dosage may be required. Discuss this with your doctor.

Mast corpuscle stabilizers

The alone able alertness in this accumulation is sodium cromoglycate (Rynacrom) nasal spray. This is a actual safe aerosol with no accepted adverse side-effects and works able-bodied in hay agitation sufferers (but not in all).

Steroid sprays

Steroid sprays abate and ascendancy the appulse of abounding of the mediators that can could could could could could could cause deepening in the nose. These medications advance all affection of allergic rhinitis and are the arch medications accessible for the analysis of allergic rhinitis.

There are several contemporary steroid sprays accessible which are able in astringent cases of hay fever. The a lot of accustomed of these is apparently beclomethosone dipropionate (Beconase), which is accessible as an aerosol aerosol or in aqueous form.

Generally speaking, if affection are mostly that of a aqueous nose, sneezing and agog eyes, again steroid sprays will be below able than antihistamines. However, if nasal blockage is a absolute symptom, again antihistamines on their own will not be actual able – nasal steroids will be required. If the blockage is severe, than an aqueous anatomy is adopted over the aerosol spray. If application the aqueous spray, lie aback on your aback with your arch dangling over the bend of the bed to acquiesce the aerosol to access as abysmal as possible.


This is a action whereby steadily accretion amounts of a accepted allergen, e.g. grass pollen extract, are injected below the derma of the high arm. The injections are accustomed at account intervals at first, and after on can be accustomed every 6 weeks for a aeon of 3 years. Eventually the accommodating becomes advanced of the allergen and no best reacts abnormally if apparent to that accurate allergen. This is decidedly able if one is allergic to alone one allergen. Consult your doctor on whether you can be desentitised from your allergy.

(Liesel Powell, Health24)